Billionaire to bring superfast FTTC to Wiltshire village

The billionaire owner of successful fashion chain H&M has, along with his staff, used his money and manpower to attempt to bring superfast FTTC broadband to a rural village in Wiltshire.

Ransomware to target cloud computing, experts predict

Ransomware is likely to become one of the biggest cyber threats to face businesses in 2018 as ransomware experts begin targeting the growing number of cloud computing companies, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed.

UK firms lack data quality to meet GDPR, finds Royal Mail research

A survey conducted by the Royal Mail’s Data Services arm has discovered that three in 10 companies across the UK are not upholding data quality standards that are required by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to be written into UK law from next year.

Cyber skills shortage blamed for data security breaches

Around 70 per cent of the world's IT professionals say they believe a lack of cyber security skills has had a negative impact on their company.

Google launches cyber security company

Google’s parent company Alphabet has announced it is launched a cyber security company that will be fuelled by technology from its research and development programme, also known as X.

UK homes and businesses gain right to high-speed broadband

The government has announced that every home and business in the UK will have a legal right to high-speed broadband services by the year 2020, rejecting BT’s voluntary proposal to provide the same services.

Government calls for greater sharing of 5G infrastructure

The government has updated its existing 5G strategy, launched earlier this year as part of the Spring Budget, to include extra details of how the new mobile network will be rolled out in the UK.

Half of IT professionals question data security

It leaders across Europe have expressed their concern about the number of organisations who can access their personal data and the lack of trust in IT data security across the industry.

B4RN community broadband project breaks ground in Norfolk

Those living in remote, rural parts of Norfolk will finally be gaining access to superfast broadband services after a recently formed community group, B4RN East Anglia, started construction of their new crowdfunded FTTH network.

Quarter of SMEs say digital skills not needed for business growth

A new study has found that a quarter of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK do not believe that employees with good digital skills are necessary for their businesses to grow.

Half of firms 'can't fight cyber attacks'

Only half of British companies feel they have the capability to deal with a cyberattack, according to a new study conducted by CW Jobs. Around 50 per cent of IT workers also feel as though they have not been correctly trained in cybersecurity, while only 23 per cent stated that they wouldn't be confident if they were expected to deal with the aftermath of a cyber attack.

Data security laws changed to protect researchers

The government has announced it will amend the data protection bill to ensure the protection of data security researchers who are responsible for uncovering any issues concerning the abuse of personal data.

Cloud computing revenues to reach $554bn by 2021

A new forecast released by the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that worldwide cloud computing revenues will hit $554 billion by 2021, more than double the revenue achieved in 2016.

Cloud computing in healthcare set for $10bn worth by 2021

The healthcare market within the cloud computing industry is on course to be worth $10 billion by the year 2021, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan.

SaaS and IaaS markets drive $180bn cloud market

The success of IaaS and SaaS services has helped to drive annual cloud market revenues to $180 billion, according to figures from Synergy Research Group.

£6.2m investment to boost FTTC broadband across Worcestershire

A multi-million pound investment will see the roll out of superfast broadband across Worcestershire and the surrounding area, according to Worcestershire County Council.

TfL to bring 4G to tube after testing success

Travellers on London transport services could be able to access 4G mobile broadband whether above or below ground in just a few years, following Transport for London (TfL)’s announcement that it would build a system-wide network.

AI to be used in data centres to predict errors

One of the world’s leading hardware and cloud service providers says that its new artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can predict problems in infrastructure before human engineers can.

Micro SMEs 'not prioritising data security'

A new study has revealed that 64 per cent of UK small and medium sized businesses with fewer than 50 employees have created formal digital and data security strategies.

Plans for 5G mobile networks grow near with successful test

The advent of 5G mobile technology is growing nearer as a mobile operator has successfully delivered speeds of 2.8Gbps in and end-to-end test of its network, while another provider files a patent for what it calls “landmark” technology.

Fibre broadband network to be built along London’s sewer pipes

One of country’s communications service providers has revealed plans to distribute a new fibre broadband network throughout Thames Water’s water pipes in the capital. SSE Enterprise Telecom signed the agreement with the water provider to install fibre broadband cables throughout southeast England via sewage and wastewater pipes.

Only 20% of UK public trust companies with personal data

Just one fifth (20 per cent) of the UK’s citizens trust companies to keep their online information safe, a new report has revealed, while only 10 per cent of the country’s public understand how their personal data is used once collected.

Public cloud revenues soar by 28% in 2017

The global public cloud market saw revenues swell by 28.6 per cent in the first half of 2017, according to the latest data from researcher IDC, as the sector continues to grow. According to the firm’s Worldwide Semi-annual Public Cloud Services Tracker, total sales in the industry hit $63.3 billion (£44.2 billion), a figure which represents a large advance on 2016’s $49.2 billion.

Consumers lack confidence in IoT data security

The majority of consumers do not have confidence in the security of their data when it comes to using Internet of Things (IoT) devices, according to a new survey conducted by Gemalto.

UK Industrial Strategy prioritises need for “good universal broadband”

The Industrial Strategy Commission, an independent body, published its final report today calling for access for all UK citizens to a “Universal Basic Infrastructure” that includes provisions for solid broadband and mobile internet networks for the whole country.

Outdated practices leave customer data vulnerable at contact centres

A new global survey has revealed that a number of outdated practices across the areas of customer interaction, data collection and fraud prevention are leaving customer data vulnerable in contact centres.

Uber data breach spread to 2.7 million British accounts

A data breach which saw the details of 57 million users of popular ride-sharing app Uber compromised affected just under 3 million accounts in the UK, according to reports. The attack on Uber’s systems, which took place in October 2016, gained access to 2.7 million accounts of both users and drivers in the UK, the company revealed this week.

East Riding FTTC rollout to reach 2,200 extra premises

A further investment of £6 million into the ongoing Broadband East Riding project in Yorkshire could allow the extension of FTTC superfast broadband to around 2,200 additional homes and businesses.

International VoIP revenue to reach $2.1bn

Voice over IP (VoIP) revenues are expected to grow by a huge 40 per cent in 2017 to reach $2.1 billion (£1.6 billion), according to new research published by wholesale operator BICS. The recently published BICS report has revealed that VoIP will account for 15 per cent of the total wholesale voice revenue around the world this year, an increase of 12 per cent compared to 2016.

Digital Scotland rollout expands to hit 800,000 new premises

The £428 million Digital Scotland (DSSB) scheme which promises to bring broadband to premises in the extremes of the country says that it is on-course to extend fixed line services to cover 95 per cent of homes and businesses by the end of 2017. The news means the BSSB project, which has been carried out alongside BT, will reach 800,000 additional premises since its start.

UK Government launches £190m FTTP network fund

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has confirmed the launch of a new £190 million fund to promote investment in local FTTP broadband services, as first set out by the Chancellor as part of the Autumn Budget.

Digital Scotland to deliver FTTC coverage to 95 per cent

Representatives from the £428 million Digital Scotland (DSSB) project in partnership with BT (Openreach) have revealed that the campaign is on track to ensure fixed line "fibre broadband" (FTTC) coverage reaches 95 per cent of Scottish homes and businesses by the end of the year.

Each cancelled digital project costing companies half a million pounds

UK businesses are taking huge losses on the chin for every digital project that ends up cancelled, according to new research, with each failure costing enterprises an average of just under £500,000.

Cloud service spending grows while IT outsourcing outlay plummets

Companies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region may be spending far less on traditional IT outsourcing, but those turning to cloud computing solutions are steadily growing, according to new research.

UK could receive £100bn boost if firms embrace cloud computing

The UK economy could gain a £100 billion boost to its productivity if firms would consider making greater use of everyday tech such as cloud computing, according to new research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

SaaS and IaaS continue to drive $260bn public cloud industry

Public cloud services and the companies that provide them are in rude health, according to a new industry study, with the worldwide market worth more than $260 billion (£197 billion) in 2017.

New Government online safety rules soften mandatory ISP filter stance

New rules announced by the government which aim to prevent the dangers faced by British consumers when online will also mandate social media companies and service providers to pay a levy to “help raise awareness”.

Security threats rise for companies using public cloud services

The majority of the UK’s organisations are failing to manage vulnerabilities exposed in the cloud computing services they use, according to a new survey, opening many up to potential data breaches or attacks from hackers.

Property developer Grosvenor announces London broadband roll-out

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, one of the country’s leading property developers and landowners, has announced that it will work alongside a broadband provider to combat the problem of poorly-connected areas that remain in London.

Data protection confusion reigns for 8 in 10 business heads

A recent survey has shown that most organisations are confused about which party will be responsible for keeping their customers’ data safe, with more than 80 per cent believing that cloud service providers are responsible for data protection.

Report: UK one of most prepared countries in EU for cyber attacks

The UK can count itself among the EU countries with the best measures already in place to deal with a cyber attack, according to a new report, though every member state could do more to improve their preparedness.

European firms still reliant on copper for broadband

Although access to broadband has improved across the European Union, a new report commissioned by the European Commission has found that broadband firms and operators are still heavily focused on the use of old copper lines.

50% of UK workforce to work remotely by 2020

Between 2012 and 2016, flexi-time has risen by 12.35 per cent; and data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the number of UK workers who have moved into remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade.

Public sector cloud adoption grows but digital transformation slow, says CIF

Although the public sector is continuing to adopt cloud computing and make it a part of their daily operations, promised “digital transformation” is still some distance off for many agencies, according to new research.

Cyber threats caused by IT skills deficit

A failure to fund in-house IT training and up-skill staff is contributing to cyber security skills gaps and potential threats, according to a recent survey.

All WiFi networks 'vulnerable to hackers', says expert

The security protocol put in place to protect the majority of the world's WiFi connections is flawed, potentially exposing internet users to hackers, according to a researcher from Belgian university KU Leuven.

Government confirms launch of innovation centre in cloud computing boost

The UK government has confirmed the development of a new £30 million National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD), which will aim to put the country at the "forefront" of the cloud computing industry and help Britain capitalise on a potential £40 billion a year boost the economy.

Companies look overseas as demand spirals for IT contractors

Demand for IT contractors in August in the UK has risen to its highest level in 2017, one report has found, while another suggests firms are finding it hard to find skilled talent without looking abroad.

Cyber security breach leaks military secrets

The number of cyber security breaches at a range of British university institutions have leave to sensitive information being linked to criminals, including details of research into military missiles.

Ofcom updates ISP rules to give customers more accurate broadband speeds

Customers in the UK will be given far more accurate indications of their broadband line speeds by their ISP and more power to take action if promised speeds are not delivered, following an update to a regulator’s code of practice.