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Stranger things could happen: the decline of the telephone landline

Well, the second series of Stranger Things has been on television screens – at least web-enabled ones – for almost a week now, and most of those familiar with the spooky going-ons in Hawkins, Indiana will be up to date on what awaits Eleven and co.

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The best connectivity-related Halloween costumes of 2017

As the days roll ever shorter and the clocks go back, most Brits are only thinking of one special celebration this year... Christmas? A bit far away. Bonfire night? No way.

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How the cloud and virtualisation are driving Green IT

The cloud-based trends that are driving Green IT

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Gone phishing: how attackers are still outsmarting security experts

Autumn is rolling in and with it - for many devotees of the line, reel and fly - are some of the best conditions for early-evening fishing.

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