Leased Line Pricing

BT Leased Line Pricing - The Key Facts

Our web site retrieves BT Leased Line Pricing in real-time as we’ve integrated it with BT’s back-end systems. It also gets pricing from other leading providers, so we can be sure of getting you a great deal.

Leased Line Price Cuts Set To Continue?

The lastest version of our leased line pricing tool has now requested over 1.4 million wholesale quotes and compared them to generate over 300,000 retail quotes, so we thought we'd analyse the results.

We got figures from BT and Virgin Media (both of which provide us with leased lines at wholesale prices).

I suspect most people assume that leased line prices can only go down, but in actual fact we've seen them rise as well, however the trend over the medium-term is definitely one of gradual price cuts.

Leased Line Prices - Why They've Fallen Dramatically

We've seen that leased line prices keep on falling. Here are the reasons why...

Leased Line Costs - How to Reduce Them

Leased line costs have tumbled. And if you're smart, you can reduce them still further...

Get Your Leased Line From a Carrier-Independent Supplier

Your leased line service will make use of a circuit provided by a 'carrier', a firm that has a physical network near to your office. This reduces the amount of digging required to connect you up to your leased line provider, as most of the distance can be covered by networks that are already in the ground.

Some leased line providers only use one carrier. For example, some firms only resell circuits from BT.

Lease Line Cost Guide – Key Factors That Determine The Price You’ll Pay

How much does a lease line cost? That depends on three key factors: the addresses that are being connected, the amount of bandwidth required and the length of the contract you're willing to sign.

Location plays a huge role in determining your lease line cost, as the more hassle it is to connect you up to pre-existing telecoms networks, the more costly your leased line will be. If you've already got fibre-optic cable going into your building, you may be in luck. Conversely, if you see sheep more often than you see Starbucks, you'll have to pay through the nose to get a lease line.

Leased Line Pricing – The Real Factors That Determine Your Price

Leased line pricing is determined by three key factors: locationbandwidth and contract length

If you want to find out how these factors impact the cost of your own leased line, visit our leased line pricing tool to get an instant quote.

Here's how those three key factors affect leased line pricing in general...

How We Calculate the Cost of Leased Line Circuits

We've calculated the cost of leased line connections for hundreds of thousands of firms. Here's how we do it.

First, We Request Wholesale Prices

The biggest cost of leased line providers is the raw connectivity underpinning their services.

When you order an internet leased line, it's not likely that your provider will dig a big long trench to link your location to a data centre. instead, they'll just buy a short extension cable to link your site to a nearby network. These extension cables are known as 'tail circuits.' They are point-to-point ethernet connections.

Leased Line Tariff Secrets – Insider Reveals The Key Factors Determining Price

Leased line tariffs depend primarily on three key pieces of information: the location you want to connect,  the speed of connection you're after, and the amount of Internet access you want.

If you're in an area that's well served for connectivity, such as central London, a 10Mbps connection will cost about twice as much as a 2Mbps connection, and a 100Mbps connection will cost about twice as much as a 10Mbps connection.

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