Ethernet First Mile

Is Ethernet In The First Mile Suitable For Your Small Business?

There are a number of ways in which Ethernet in the First Mile can benefit small businesses, but it’s worth checking the best rates in your area for a great deal.

How Ethernet in the First Mile Delivers Reliable Connectivity and Improved Uptime

Ethernet in the First Mile circuits are FAR more reliable than traditional ADSL and SDSL alternatives. Find out how this business-class level of reliability is achieved.

Why Ethernet First Mile Is Eating Traditional 2Mb Leased Lines For Breakfast

Ethernet First Mile is growing in popularity. So much so that traditional 2Mb leased lines are under threat. Find out the key advantages driving EFM's rapid growth.

How Ethernet First Mile Can Make Your Staff More Productive

Ethernet First Mile can make your employees more productive by providing them with more bandwidth, a more consistent connection speed, more upstream bandwidth and a more reliable connection.

Ethernet in the First Mile v Fibre-Optic Leased Lines: How To Choose Between Them

Ethernet in the First Mile leased lines can usually be installed far more quickly than fibre-optic connections ones can. However, EFM may offer slower speeds than fibre-optic circuits. So which is right for your company - EFM or fibre? We set out the merits of each.

Ethernet First Mile - How Does It Compare to SDSL?

Switching from an SDSL connection to Ethernet First Mile leased line offers businesses a range of benefits. Find out what they are, and how you can find the best EFM deal.

Ethernet First Mile - Why Ever More Businesses Are Choosing EFM Instead of SDSL

  Ethernet First Mile has become increasingly popular technology for connecting corporate offices to the Internet and to other offices. We've seen ever more businesses visit our Ethernet First Mile price checker to find out whether EFM is available in their area. Businesses are choosing EFM instead of traditional SDSL connections because it has several key advantages:

EFM v Fibre Leased Lines – How They Compare

Find out how Copper EFM circuits and Fibre-optic connections differ in terms of maximum speeds, cost, installation times and reliability. And discover how you can find out which EFM options are available at your company's location.

EFM Broadband - No Longer Your Best Option

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) connections are sold in two flavours - a broadband version and a non-broadband version.

EFM broadband has a contention ratio of 5:1. That means your connection's backhaul bandwidth is shared with up to four other subscribers. At peak times, your throughput could drop to 20% of your connection speed. So, a 20Mbps EFM broadband connection might only allow you to send or receive data at 4Mbps.

Ethernet in the First Mile - A Brief Guide For Business Owners

Ethernet in the First Mile can offer businesses the bandwidth they need to embrace remote working and the latest communication technologies.


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