Post Office outreach service users left disappointed by poor internet connection

Rural residents in Wiltshire were left disappointed last week when their local Post Office hosted outreach service was unable to secure an internet connection.

The Post Office runs outreach services in over 1,000 very remote locations across the UK. They are intended to help residents to access basic Post Office services, such as buying stamps, but also offer online services to help those that might struggle to do things like renew car tax or access online banking without the help of the outreach service.

On this particular occasion, it was residents of remote Wiltshire villages, Monkton Farleigh and Bathampton, who were hoping to use the service, which was being hosted from a café and a pub within the two villages.

Several customers who arrived at the locations had to leave disappointed when no data connection could be established by the postmaster responsible for the outreach service, despite help from a technical expert.

The change manager, Neil Jenkins, explained that the outreach service is a lifeline to many in rural areas: “The establishment of Hosted Outreach Services presents the best possible solution to restore Post Offices services to these communities.

“I know that the local community will join me in welcoming this good news and hope that you and our customers will continue to use these services,” he added.