Dedicated Leased Line

Dedicated Connection: An Essential Business Tool

A dedicated connection is a vital communications tool for many businesses. Find out why it's so essential, and how businesses can get the most out of their dedicated connections.

Dedicated Bandwidth - Its Uses and Benefits

Dedicated bandwidth has many business uses. Find out what they are, and how they can help your firm thrive.

Dedicated line: A cost-effective solution for businesses

What is a dedicated line? How can it benefit your business? Which three factors determine its cost? We reveal all...

Dedicated Line - What It Is And Why Is It Useful To Businesses

Dedicated lines offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to link corporates offices and data centres to the Internet and to each other. They can also carry phone calls and be used for replicating data between different sites.

Business Leased Line – A Connection That Blows ADSL Out Of The Water

A business leased line costs a lot more than an ADSL connection, but there's a good reason for this. A leased line offers higher speeds, more upstream bandwidth, unlimited usage, business-class support and superior reliability.

Dedicated Leased Line – Why Having One is Great For Business

A dedicated leased line provides a private fixed bandwidth point-to-point data connection. It's used to connect offices to the Internet, and to link offices to other offices. And it's perfect for business use. Here’s why…

Dedicated Leased Lines = No Need To Share

Dedicated leased lines are exclusively for your company's use. The bandwidth is reserved solely for you, at all times.

Private Leased Line – How Private Are They Really?

A private leased line can be private in three different ways:

  • Private like a private jet – dedicated to your sole use
  • Private like a bank safe – people know it’s there, but they can’t break in or see the contents
  • Private like a private eye -  incognito. No-one notices it’s there

Private Leased Lines are Dedicated

By definition, a leased line is a data connection dedicated solely to your company’s use.

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