Good internet connection vital in helping refugees stay connected, claims report

A new report by Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), claims that ‘a private space with a strong internet connection' can help people who have been separated from their families as a result of war, famine or persecution.

TSF provides free internet access to vulnerable and displaced people all over the world to allow them to stay connected to family and friends they have left behind. One such access centre is in Bosnia, where manager Amira Hadzimehmedovic says: "Through my work with migrants I realised that they appreciate and need the internet connection more than any other service, because it's their connection with the families left behind."

TSF claims that, for those who have nothing left, a short snippet of conversation over Skype can make all the difference. "It’s a way to hear your loved ones’ voice, to see them, and to be present, in some way, in a very difficult moment,” the report states.

Bosnia is still a hub for migrants and refugees who have travelled to Europe from war-torn countries like Syria or from persecution or poverty in the Middle East or North Africa. TSF says that the situation is not improving, but by providing access to a VoIP service through which they can call their loved ones, they are helping them regain a connection with their families.