Employment and internet availability go hand-in-hand, says new study

A new study has cemented the importance of a strong and reliable broadband connection to successfully securing employment.

Research, from BroadbandChoices.co.uk, revealed that Crawley, Reading, and Warrington were the top three places in the UK for those seeking employment, whilst London, Southampton Bradford, and Sunderland were found to be the worst.

Figures were derived based on the number of unemployed individuals in a location, the number of jobs available, and the broadband speeds available to those in the region.

Of the 1,342 people who were polled, a whopping 82 per cent stated that they had used online resources and services to secure their present employment. Furthermore, roughly one in seven admitted to using social media platforms in their hunt for new roles and employment opportunities.

Home communication expert at BroadbandChoices.co.uk, Mark Pocock, said: “Just two decades ago, some of the biggest online job platforms did not even exist.

“Today, it is very hard to imagine searching for a job without the internet as the first port of call and the most important resource of information.

“From uploading CVs and creating profiles on job websites, to conducting interviews and taking tests online, having a stable connection has become increasingly important for securing a job.

“Our study proves once again that fast and stable broadband connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity.”

The conclusions of the study have been supported by jobseekers around the country; Frazer Speirs, a resident in Leicester currently on benefits and looking for employment, commented: “As a claimant, I’m expected to search for work 35 hours a week, that means that broadband is essential and a phone. I can’t apply for jobs without a phone number or email address.”

Not only this, but the ‘gig economy’ has also been boosted by the availability of internet connectivity, improving employment opportunities nationwide for those willing to work remotely and on an ad hoc basis.