Cloud Design & Build

Consultancy service turns 'cloud' into reality

Migrating business-critical IT to the cloud can be difficult, time-consuming and technically complex.   

That's why hSo created a bespoke consultancy service that does most of the work for you. It de-risks your migration project and helps you get the most from your new cloud.    

Cloud Design and Build is the next step after Cloud Assessment, following on from initial needs analysis, technical discovery, dependency analysis and cloud cost estimates. 

What is Cloud Design and Build?

In-Depth Discovery

Building upon cloud assessment, we look for business or technical requirements that have yet to be identified.

Migration Planning

A detailed migration plan sets out everything that needs to happen, the order it needs to happen and an indicative timescale.

Cloud Creation

We set up your new cloud environment, including virtual machines (VMs), cloud-based database instances and virtual networks.


We implement VLANs, virtual gateways and cloud connections, as agreed by you. We test network performance, checking latency and throughput.

Security Hardening

We can ensure OSes are patched, stop unnecessary processes, add anti-malware protection, restrict user permissions and set firewall rules.

Re-architecting Apps

Where applicable, we give you the option to have your apps re-engineered for the cloud.

Test Migrations

A migration Proof of Concept can reassure stakeholders, allowing performance testing to take place and problems to be spotted prior to large-scale migrations.

Cloud Right-sizing

VM, database and gateway sizes are tailored to your actual usage levels to minimise costs. Test migrations and post-migration checks help us fine-tune sizing.

Identity & User Permissions

We integrate your cloud with your existing Directory system, so users benefit from single-sign-on and security stays tight when employees depart.


We can automate common tasks such as OS patching, rebooting unresponsive VMs, migrating workloads to alternative regions and configuring new VMs.

Scalability Enhancements

We can implement load balancing, auto-scaling and elastic databases to increase scalability without breaking the bank.

The Big Migration

We migrate VMs, databases and data to the cloud, using a mix of manual actions, software and custom scripting to minimise downtime.

Performance Tuning

We analyse performance, tweaking configurations and switching you to appropriately optimised VMs, databases, storage services and gateways.


When systems are too old or expensive to keep running, we help you maintain access to the data whilst decommissioning the legacy system.

Backups & DR

We can setup automated backups, with alerts if backups fail. We can configure workloads to failover to alternative availability zones and regions.

Expert Help for Every Stage of Your Cloud Strategy

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Why choose hSo Cloud Design & Build?

Get It Done Faster

You're busy. Let us do most of the work, so you benefit from the cloud sooner than if you migrate alone.

De-risk Migration

Migration is complex and can go wrong. Our experts guide you through the minefield, preparing your migration so it goes smoothly.

Cost Minimisation

We right-size your cloud to cut costs and where appropriate we can re-architect your apps to improve efficiency.

Improve Performance

Go beyond lift-n-shift re-hosting. We move you to workload-optimised VMs and cloud databases and can re-architect your apps to boost performance.

Expert Advice

We are public cloud specialists (AWS & Azure partners), networking experts (we're an ISP) and cloud-management pros (we run our own cloud).

Portfolio of Related Services

These include cloud assessment, cloud connectivity, Microsoft licensing and private cloud hosting.

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