Leased Line Providers

The Top UK Leased Line Providers Revealed

We profile the top UK leased line providers, providing a quick overview of their histories and their networks. We look at BT, Virgin Media, Colt, Verizon, Global Crossing, Vodafone, SSE Telecoms and others.

Leased Line ISP – Why Your Business Needs One, and How To Pick The Right One For Your Business

A leased line ISP provides symmetric, dedicated Internet connections.

Most ISPs provide contended asymmetric connections, using ADSL or cable. These are fine for consumers, but they're often inadequate for business. Here's why…

Most ADSL Connections offer only a pitiful upload speed, e.g. 0.8Mbps. That's a mere fraction of the download speed that is promoted in the ads for ADSL.

Leased Line Providers Guide – How To Pick The Perfect Provider

There are many UK leased line providers you can choose from, including…

  • hSo
  • BT
  • Virgin Media
  • Colt
  • Easynet
  • Managed Comms
  • Eclipse
  • Entanet
  • Opal
  • Zen
  • NewNet
  • Vaioni
  • Claranet
  • Viatel

Key questions to consider when choosing between leased line providers include…

Leased Line Replacement – Your Options, Plus Some Good News

Looking for a leased line replacement? Then I've got some good news. Leased line prices have fallen substantially since you installed your leased line, so you can probably get more bandwidth for the same amount of money you're paying now.

It may take several months to replace your leased line. So, it's often worth getting a bigger connection than you currently need right now, so that as your usage increases, you'll have room to grow.

Leased Line Suppliers – The Main UK Ones, and What They Actually Do

There are a large number of leased line suppliers in the UK. These include BT (retail), Virgin Media Business, hSo, Colt, Thus, Easynet, Managed Communications, Eclipse, Opal, Entanet, Managed Comms and Zen.

Leased line suppliers usually lease circuits from telecoms carriers, and build services upon those basic point-to-point connections.

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