Practical way to provide remote access to your network

hSo's SSL VPN service gives authorised users encrypted access to your corporate resources from anywhere, via their web browsers.

It’s cost-effective too. Unlike conventional VPNs, hSo’s SSL VPN doesn’t need special software to be installed on each user PC. Nor does it require changes to internal servers or costly ongoing maintenance and support.

With ever more employees working from home for part of the week, SSL VPNs are a simple way to roll-out out hybrid working.

If you'd like more granular control over how your network is used by remote and in-office users, check out Zero Trust Network Access.

Why choose hSo’s SSL VPN service?

Ease of deployment

No hardware to buy or maintain
No software to install.

Keep costs down

Get access for an unlimited number of users. Set your limit for concurrent use and pay accordingly.

Certified for security

hSo is ISO 27001 certified, confirming the strength of our Information Security procedures.

Keep control

hSo gives you granular network access controls with end-user computer verification.


Our high-capacity platform can support thousands of simultaneous connections.

One stop provision

We can integrate your SSL VPN with other services, such as Internet access and site-to-site connectivity.

Additional Benefits

Managed for you

hSo offers SSL VPN as a 24/7 monitored service. We host the SSL hardware in our UK data centres, connecting it via our resilient multi-gigabit network.

Any browser

Your authorised remote workers gain the flexibility of being able to use nearly any Internet browser. SSL for remote access uses the encryption and authentication facilities built into web browsers.

Reliable configuration & maintenance

Our specialist staff will set up, configure and maintain your VPN.


Proven technology

hSo works with the leading VPN vendors, making use of their robust and sophisticated technologies.

hSo’s guide to VPNs

Our FREE guide explains...

  • VPNs in a nutshell
  • The reasons for getting a VPN
  • How to handle VPN challenges

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