Queen's Speech outlines new 'right to fast broadband'

Soon every family in the UK will have the right to demand 'fast' broadband, it was announced in the Queen's Speech. However, families in rural areas may still have to pay thousands of pounds to access it.

Areas of Scotland 'missing' out on superfast broadband

Key areas of Scotland are set to miss out on receiving superfast broadband because they are not part of the UK Broadband Delivery Programme, according to The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Nottinghamshire programme 'a full year ahead' of government broadband targets

Latest figures released by the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme have revealed that 90 per cent of properties in Newark and Sherwood now have access to superfast broadband.

Government to review business broadband speeds and costs

The government's review of the business broadband and leased lines is set to close its call for evidence on 3 June 2016.

Nottinghamshire 'fastest broadband speeds' in UK thanks to fibre

More than 95 per cent of homes and businesses in Nottinghamshire now have access to super fast fibre optic broadband ahead of schedule, according to a project. The Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire (BBfN) project is a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council and BT and is co-funded by the government's Broadband Delivery UK scheme.

Local councils join Telegraph's Better Broadband campaign

Hundreds of local councils have signed up to The Daily Telegraph's broadband campaign, after it warned that Britain's rural areas faced becoming a “digital twilight zone”.

Rural services to 'request broadband' under new USO

Rural services that do not currently have will fast internet connections will have to request broadband services, it has been confirmed by the government.

Fixed phone usage declining, BT to trial broadband-only connections

Homeowners will be able to take out a broadband connection without being forced to take a phone line under plans announced by BT.

Broadband companies told to 'offer single price' for packages

The advertising watchdog has announced plans to crack down on the way broadband prices are advertised after criticisms from MPs and companies. However, it will not review rules on how top speeds are advertised.

Just 22 UK towns and cities have superfast broadband speeds

Average speeds in 42 towns and cities in the UK are less than 24Mbps, according to research carried out by uSwitch.

Half of workers 'willing to work from home' if internet is fast enough

Workers would happily work from home if they felt they could still perform their job to the same standard, according to research by Citrix. The survey found that over half of workers (54 per cent) would not commute into London and would happily work from home if the internet speeds and transport links were to a similar level.

70 per cent of remote Scotland now connected to superfast broadband

More than 122,000 homes and businesses across the Highlands and Scottish Islands are now connected to superfast internet. The 120 villages that would not have previously been reached under the wider rollout can now get the fibre optic broadband, with around 70 per cent of the region able to connect.

Two-thirds of fibre optic customers 'not aware' fibre services supplied by copper wires

Research carried out by Cable.co.uk has shown that two-thirds of fibre broadband customers are not aware that their fibre service arrives at their home through a standard copper line.

Rural areas set to miss out on fast broadband speeds

Rural areas could be set to miss out on the new pledge set out by the government, which will require that households receive minimum speeds of 10Mbps by 2020. This confession comes from minister Ed Vaizey, who said that there were parts of the UK where installation costs would be simply too much and that the government would not be willing to cover their upgrade costs.

Rural areas 'lagging behind' urban areas in broadband speeds

Rural businesses and homes that are unable to get the minimum broadband service of 10Mbps that comes as part of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) should be given some form of compensation, according to the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

Consumers 'misled' over broadband speeds

The way broadband speeds are advertised is misleading for consumers and needs to be changed, a cross-party group of 50 MPs have said.

One in five Britons prioritise 'fast speed internet' when moving home

According to research carried out by Vodafone UK, one in five of Britons prioritise broadband over water or gas when they move into a new home.

Plaid Cymru pledges "superfast broadband" to all homes by 2017

The Plaid Cymru party has pledged superfast broadband by 2017 if they win the elections and gain power at the assembly, the party has stated. All homes would get access to this superfast broadband and would build on the original Superfast Cymru scheme, which aims to deliver fast internet to 96 per cent of Welsh homes and businesses by 2016.

Government internet targets 'inadequate and lagging behind Europe'

The UK government has achieved the Universal Service Obligations (USO) targets set in 2010 of making superfast broadband available to 90 per cent of all homes.

Broadband speed tool released by Ofcom

A new tool has been released by broadband and telecoms regulator Ofcom in a bid to help consumers see what internet speeds and mobile reception they should typically receive in their area.

No new broadband roll-out programme, study says

The government will not push through another national broadband roll-out programme, which would have ensured its universal service agreement of providing every person in Britain with access to 10Mbps connections by 2020, according to its consultation document.

Council proposes 'ultrafast broadband' for Liverpool businesses

An ultrafast broadband could be set up in Liverpool using ducts owned by the council, which would result in no expenses in digging up the roads and pavements to install the network. The council would offer the utilisation of the ducts in exchange for rental income and a share of the revenue.

One million Londoners unhappy with broadband speeds

A poll by YouGov for the Foundation for Information Society Policy (FISP) has found that there is widespread unhappiness among Londoners when it comes to broadband speeds and provisions in the capital. Over a million Londoners are unhappy with their broadband speed, according to the poll, and only a third believe that the city has the capacity to meet demands.

Rural broadband speeds three times slower, according to Ofcom report

Rural broadband speeds are forcing businesses to move to urban areas, according to the Countryside and Landowners Association. A new report released by Ofcom has shown that the average speed for cities is 50.5Mpbs whereas in the countryside it is just 13.7Mbps. They have also shown that those that have a fixed broadband connection receive less than 10Mbps on average.

Superfast broadband schemes rolling out through Wales

Britain's smallest city now has superfast fibre broadband as part of the Superfast Cymru project.

Superfast broadband set for '95 per cent' of Cambridgeshire

The county of Cambridgeshire is set to get a £5.3 million injection of cash into its superfast broadband programme. The aim is to get more fibre connections to more businesses and homes, and will be one of the highest take-ups of fibre broadband in the UK.

Landline rental charges could be scrapped under new proposals

Monthly rental landline charges for householders could be scrapped if the landline isn't being used, according to proposals set out by the culture minister.

Recent Budget reveals 'fresh investment promise'

The Chancellor, George Osborne, didn't specifically mention the word broadband in his recent Budget speech. However, the government has promised to establish a new fund, called the Broadband Investment Fund, to support the establishment and growth of alternative broadband options.

Rural broadband 'affected' by lack of customer service

Rural companies are missing out on business opportunities because of the failure to provide good broadband services, ministers have been told at a recent debate. The debate, led by Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman, was over the recently released Ofcom review and, in particular, over poor customer service.

Ofcom's Openreach review finds firm 'lacking in independence'

A report released by Ofcom has shown significant concerns regarding Openreach's closeness to BT, and its cost structure to other competitors. In the report, the body found that Openreach is primarily managed by the BT group, who control Openreach's budget, how much is spent on network connections and also pricing for competitors' access to lines.

CLA backs regulatory body to 'improve rural broadband'

The organisation that represents owners of land, property and business in rural England and Wales, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), has welcomed Ofcom's review of the state of broadband in the countryside.

Vaizey: Openreach customer service 'woeful'

During a debate among MPs in the House of Commons, a clear agreement between all parties was found when discussing Openreach's quality of customer service.

'Largest wireless broadband project' to provide superfast internet to national parks

Over 100 broadband masts are to be built and installed in two national parks in a bid to bring superfast internet to the rural areas. Dartmoor and Exmoor will have these poles installed, subject to planning permission, to increase access to superfast internet across the moors.

Government 'holding digital Britain back' claims Labour

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the UK's broadband infrastructure and has pledged more money to the sector if he becomes Prime Minister.

Everest base camp has 'faster speeds than UK countryside'

The tallest mountain in the world has faster broadband speeds than residents living in Somerset according to tests conducted over a 12 month period by cable.co.uk.

Potential separation of BT Openreach to go before MPs

Dieter Helm, Oxford academic, is set to present evidence before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, supporting the full split of Openreach, the company that maintains and builds the network infrastructure, from BT.

More ambitious broadband speeds needed for businesses, report claims

According to a report released by the Institute of Directors (IoD), Britain's businesses are in danger of being left behind over broadband speeds. In the report, Ultrafast Britain, it claims the UK is struggling behind many other European countries, particularly over the laying of fibre optic cables.

Compensation for slow or no internet connection, review proposes

BT has been told to give rival companies access to its telegraph poles and tunnels to end 'internet blackspots', a review of the state of the Broadband and telecoms market revealed.

Huge support for minimum broadband speeds, study finds

A survey carried out by broadband comparison website ISPreview.co.uk has found 77 per cent of participants support the Government's proposals for introducing minimum broadband speeds of 10Mbps. Last year, the Government proposed plans for a new Universal Service Obligation (USO) that would ensure that every business and home would obtain the new speeds.

Review findings for telecoms market to be revealed next week

The regulator Ofcom will publish its review into the telecoms and broadband market next week. The review, the first in a decade, will initially look at the issue of whether BT has a monopoly over the market and will further assess whether Openreach, the company that looks after Britain's network, needs to be taken away from BT.

Superfast internet contributing to Cornwall's tech boom

Cornwall is fast becoming the Silicon Valley equivalent in the UK after coming second in turnover growth in a recent report.

Cost of super-fast fibre connections straight to homes dramatically reduced, research suggests

Hardware built and tested by researchers at the University College London (UCL) could help provide super-fast internet to homes and significantly reduce costs, a study published in the Journal of Lightwave Technology has suggested.

Researchers send data over fibre connection at 1.125 terabits a second

British researchers have developed a method of increasing broadband speeds to around 50,000 times faster than the average UK fibre connection currently allows.

Grimsby boasts fastest broadband speeds - but not for businesses

Grimsby has the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, while Na h-Eileanan an Iar in the Outer Hebrides has the slowest, according to a new report by Ofcom. The Connected Nations 2015 report found Grimsby had connections averaging 46.8Mbps, while the Scottish island’s only reached around 5.6Mbps. UK-wide, the national average download speed was found to be 29.4Mbps.

British businesses 'aren't cyber-resilient'

The majority of UK businesses surveyed for a new report on ‘cyber resilience’ have admitted they still have a long way to go, despite the wider take up of cloud computing and the forthcoming introduction of new regulations on data protection.

Success for alternative technologies in Govt broadband pilots

Pilot projects set up to see how alternative broadband providers can bring superfast broadband to harder to reach rural areas have been hailed as a success.

Rapid price drop in cost of cloud computing

Businesses are paying much cheaper prices for their cloud computing services than they were in 2014, according to new research.

Govt consults on publicly-owned broadband provider

The introduction of a state-owned broadband provider is among the options being considered by the Government in a new consultation on future funding for its Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme.

Thousands of new-build homes left with poor broadband

Many residents of newly-built homes are struggling with slow or non-existent broadband, an investigation from Cable.co.uk has revealed. The broadband advice site has received thousands of complaints from homebuyers or renters struggling to connect to the internet, despite moving into new developments.

Ofcom launches broadband code of conduct

Ofcom has launched a new code of conduct for broadband providers to ensure UK businesses receive clearer information when they sign a contract. Seven of the UK's leading business broadband providers have signed up to the new code, which calls on organisations to give customers the right to exit a contract if broadband speeds fall below the minimum guaranteed level.


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