London 'world's most connected city', data finds

London is the most connected city in the world, with only seven per cent of its residents currently unconnected, according to new figures published by the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

Released to coincide with World WiFi Day, the study revealed that 1.75 billion citizens remain unconnected in the eight wealthiest countries, with 34 per cent of these people living in highly populated areas such as towns and cities.

According to the results of the research, the UK has 8.4 million people who remain unconnected, the equivalent of 12.83 per cent, with seven per cent of the Capital still without an internet connection.

Outside of Britain, the study revealed that 10.7 million people in Germany, or 13 per cent of its population, are unconnected, while Russia was found to have failed to connect 26.7 per cent of its population.

Although the study found that mobile internet was adopted faster in urban areas than rural, it also revealed that the roll out of urban internet suffers from a number of issues including lack of available technology and a lack of awareness of its benefits among consumers.

Commenting on the study, Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of the WBA, stated that connectivity should now be considered as crucial as other utilities. He added: "Wi-Fi is playing an instrumental role in helping cities bring wider and more affordable connectivity to its citizens."

As a result of the study, Shenwai has called on all involved in the delivery of broadband to work together in the future to ensure it becomes recognised as a "human right", rather than a luxury.

"The issue of the urban unconnected is of critical importance the economies and societies around the world," Shenwai added. "We call on governments around the world to re-double their focus on connecting the urban unconnected."

(Image: Mvkulkarni23)

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