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How the world's top firms have embraced the remote work model

Office-phobes rejoice - remote working is quickly becoming the norm for 21st century workers! No longer do you have to deal with boring water-cooler chats, washing machine politics or the risk of having your lunch stolen from the fridge: the office of the future is based wherever you would like it to be.

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Good preparation: how to gear up for the GDPR

In last week’s blog, in between suggesting new acronyms for the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation and keeping you readers awake, we looked at the main ways in which the EU’s new favourite four-letter word could change the data processing la

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What on earth is the GDPR?

Though it may look more like the internet’s latest four-letter acronym, the GDPR is no laughing matter - and it doesn’t stand for “Great Dogs Perform Rap”, “Grandad Definitely Prefers Raisins” or anything of the sort.

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How big data, security and a smart cheese room will change football forever

The new Premier League season has landed to a chorus of cheers/groans, depending on your outlook, and with it the latest innovations in play.

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