Connectivity to Public Clouds

Private, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections to Public Clouds

The big public cloud providers are a great fit for many public sector IT projects as they offer competitive pricing, near-instant provisioning, contractual flexibility, unrivalled scalability and solid reliability.

hSo can connect you to AWS, Azure, Google, Salesforce, Oracle, and other major public clouds, using private, resilient, high-throughout, low-latency connections.

Alternatively, you could retain your servers and get Crown Hosting Data Centres to host them. It's a secure hosting joint venture set up by the Government. We can connect Crown Hosting's sites to your network.

Why use hSo to connect to Public Clouds?

Increase Cloud Responsiveness

Make your cloud-based servers and applications seem more responsive by sidestepping Internet congestion, increasing throughput and reducing network delays.

Simplify Security

With a private connection in place, your cloud-based IT no longer has to be reachable over the Internet. Securely connect to your cloud without a VPN.

Cut Data Transit Costs

Cloud providers often charge for outbound data transfers. They normally charge less if the data leaves via a private link instead of over the Internet.

Resilience Options

We can provide multiple connections to your chosen cloud, via separate data centres, so you're always connected.

Rapid Bandwidth Upgrades

Cloud connections can be quickly upgraded if you need more bandwidth, provided that your leased line or WAN can accommodate the extra traffic.  

Available Almost Anywhere

Cloud providers only interconnect within certain data centres. We can connect you to almost any major cloud from almost any UK site.

Hassle-Free Procurement

Buying from hSo is easy as we are a Crown Commercial Service supplier on the RM1045 framework and an HSCN supplier.

All Your Sites Could Benefit

If we supply your WAN, every site on your WAN could be given access to your public cloud connection, spreading the benefit. 

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