Network Cloud Readiness

Check that your network can properly support your cloud strategy

People forget that cloud computing isn't just a matter of virtual machines, cloud-based storage and SaaS. Networking plays a central role in any sensible cloud strategy.  

Your network must deliver appropriate levels of throughput, responsiveness, data privacy and uptime. This can be a challenge.   

That's why we've created our Network Cloud Readiness Assessment. A networking expert will visit your site, find out about your cloud plans and analyse your network - including LANs, WANs, switches, firewalls, VPNs, internet connections and cloud connections.  

They will then recommend how to bridge any gap between what your network currently delivers and what you need it to deliver, given your cloud strategy.

Why get a Network Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Identify Bandwidth Bottlenecks

We figure out how much bandwidth you need, how that's likely to change, then we identify any network bottlenecks that could hamper your cloud strategy.

Review QoS Usage

Sometimes, you just need to make better use of your existing bandwidth. We'll check whether applying 'Quality of Service' settings could prove beneficial.

Know Your Resilience Options

The cloud is fantastic until your link to your cloud goes down and no-one can do any work. We'll set out costed options for increasing resilience, if that's of interest.

Get Expert Analysis

Pick the brains of our experts. They've extensive experience designing, re-architecting, configuring  and troubleshooting enterprise-class networks. 

Actionable Advice

We explain your options and give you concrete advice on what your next steps would be if you decide to address the issues we have identified.

Advanced Tools

Our network analysis tools can uncover the nuances of your network, from peak usage levels to how your network is really being used.

Public Cloud Practicalities

We are an official connectivity partner of both AWS and Azure, so can advise you about 'public cloud' networking, including direct connections, subnets, gateways, VPNs and IP addressing.

Improvement Options

If you decide that you need more bandwidth, greater resilience or a direct connection to your chosen public cloud, we can help make that a reality, using circuits from the top UK networks and dedicated cloud connections.

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