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Can Anyone Catch AWS Now?

Amazon, Azure and Google capture 65% of cloud infrastructure spending, with Amazon receiving almost one pound in two spent with the big three cloud providers.

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Microsoft's Bold Move to Ensure Email Security: Blocking Outdated Servers

If you use Exchange Online you're about to start missing out on some emails.

And if you have your own Exchange Server, your emails could get blocked if you don't keep your server patched.

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18 Ways to Cut Public Cloud Costs WITHOUT Ruining Performance

Organisations that switch to the big public clouds often find themselves paying more than expected.

If you're in this situation, here are some ways to cut your public cloud bill without materially harming performance:

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Public Cloud Costs to Rise "at least 30%" in 2023 Warns Analyst Firm

Steve Brazier, President and CEO of tech market analysis firm Canalys, has warned that public cloud prices are set to rise. 

Speaking at the Canalys Channel Form EMEA 2022 in late October 2022, Brazier said...

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Big Cloud Means Old Hardware?

It's tempting to assume that if you go to the big public clouds, you're going to benefit from the latest hardware, but that's not necessarily the case.

The biggest public cloud providers are trying to use their older hardware for longer than before.

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Azure Nears Capacity Constraints?

Surging demand for Azure's public cloud services has crashed into the global microchip shortage, according to recent media reports.

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How to Keep Your Public Cloud Resources Secure

You rely on the public cloud. Is it secure? Wrong question.

You should be asking... how is it insecure currently, do those insecurities impact your cloud setup, and what can you do about them if so? A new database answers two of those questions.

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How to plan and execute the perfect cloud migration for your business

Cloud migration is one of the biggest trends in business today, with organizations of all sizes and types migrating their operations to the cloud at an unprecedented and rapidly accelerating rate.

With benefits such as cost savings, added value, increased security, flexibility and scalability, it’s no wonder that businesses are migrating in such great numbers.

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A day in the life of the public cloud

Welcome to life in 2020, where life – and not just your vision – is perfect.

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Do You Have Your Own Connection To The Public Cloud? If Not, Get One - Now

To say that the public cloud is growing would be something of an understatement.

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How SaaS Became Unstoppable

Remember CRT monitors? Brick-sized mobile phones? What about buying hundreds of software licences? Technology moves fast and the current front-runner in office innovation, shunting clunky traditional software setups into the past, is SaaS.

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