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5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

As a year of unprecedented upheaval draws to a close, everyone is entitled to feel a little optimism that vaccines might make the world a safer, more normal place again in 2021. 

However, in the world of cybersecurity, merely hoping for safety is of course not enough and businesses around the world will now have to turn their attentions to combatting 2021’s cyber threats.

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The New Normal


Today we are living in unprecedented times our world suddenly turned upside down by an invisible threat – COVID-19.  The human race has adapted remarkably well in such a short time and is showing signs of defeating the enemy. 

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Cybersecurity predictions for 2020

Keeping up with cybercriminals, from a cybersecurity perspective, is a tough job. Fighting cybercrime has been likened to a line in Through the Looking Glass where Alice says she must ‘run as fast as she can to stay in one place.’ When it comes to cybersecurity, you have to run ten times faster than those committing the crimes in order to get ahead of them. 

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The future of cloud computing in the healthcare industry

Healthcare is changing and our use of technology to help us improve healthcare is also evolving. There is evidence to suggest that cloud computing can play a major role in the future of healthcare and that this technology can even help healthcare practitioners to make more accurate diagnostics, for example. 

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5 IT Trends for 2017

The IT industry is enjoying a period of huge change. Rapid advancements in technology is creating great flux, as companies race to keep pace with developments. The shift to online shopping, as evidenced by the popularity of retail events like Black Friday, is putting more pressure on website networks.

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Software's Stealth War on Hardware

With all the hype surrounding the Internet of Things and Big Data, a much bigger IT trend is being overlooked: Software's war on hardware.

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The 7 Trends Revolutionising IT

It's the New Year, so we decided to give it a go and write our very own list of the biggest trends that

(we think) will mark 2016. 

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