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Small Is Beautiful, When Choosing Suppliers for the Public Sector

This month, we're very excited to be featured in Public Sector Technology, a publication from independent publisher Raconteur. The magazine talked to hSo's Customer Development Director Avner Peleg about the expansion of the Network Services Framework to include SMEs and the need for change in IT procurement in the Public Sector.

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The Casualties of the Broadband Revolution (and What Your Business Can Learn From Their Mistakes)

Broadband has been great for most businesses, but it hasn’t been good news for everyone:

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How To Get Your Penny-Pinching FD To Approve Virtualisation

As a savvy IT Manager, you know that server virtualisation makes a lot of sense. There’s just one problem: Your company’s penny-pinching Financial Director probably won’t approve it.

Let’s look at your options.

Option 1 – The Full Works, From Day One

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Dear Customer, Please Pay Us LESS

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but some of our customers are paying us too much money.

How? By renting ISDN30 circuits when they could switch to SIP Trunks and save themselves a packet.

God knows we've tried to tell them:

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The Business Case for Homeworking – How ‘Working From Home’ Can Benefit Your Business

Every day, millions of people waste an hour travelling on packed trains and congested roads, at great expense, to get to offices where they'll do work that could just as easily have been done at home.

Your company's employees are likely to be among them.

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FCC Brings a Bit of Sense to the Network Neutrality Debate

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to mandate ‘network neutrality’.

While it has no power here in the UK, its approach will probably influence decision-makers here.

Defining Net Neutrality

There are many different definitions of Network Neutrality. A simple definition would be that ‘a network must be a passive conduit of traffic.’

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