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Cybersecurity: combating “inside attacks”

In 2020, businesses will likely have better cybersecurity measures in place than ever before. This is great news for business owners, meaning that targeting companies through cyber infrastructure vulnerabilities will become more costly to cybercriminals in resources, time and effort.

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Password panic: how W3C and big tech can save your memory

At one time or another, we have all fallen afoul of a mis-remembered password that sends us on an hour-long journey to reset our online accounts and set a new one. Most of us have also probably had our accounts compromised in some way due to an insecure or easily hackable password.

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How to tell your customers about a cyber attack

Cyber attacks and data breaches are an increasingly common occurrence, and organisations and individuals from the smallest micro businesses right up to governments and mega-corporations have been targeted by malicious cybercrimes.

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How to Improve Security by Thinking Like a Hacker

Don't Believe Vendors Security Assurances

"Our technology is really secure!" said every vendor ever. Meanwhile, these same vendors have probably released over a dozen critical security patches this year. The ugly truth is that all major operating systems have serious security flaws, even when 'fully patched.' So never rely on a single vendor's assurances of security.

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