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Why Your Backups May Not Save You From Ransomware

You've got backups, so you may assume ransomware is no big deal.

If you do get hit you could just ignore the ransom, restore your data from backups and get back to whatever you were doing. But it's not that simple.

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SSDs more Reliable than HDDs for Boot Drives

US storage provider BackBlaze has analysed the failure rate of its solid-state drives and hard drives, and the results may surprise you.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) used for boot drives were more reliable than hard disk drives (HDDs), at least during the first five years of use.

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Why hSo Partners with Veeam

Our cloud backup and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service offerings are powered by Veeam software. Here's why we chose to partner with Veaam.

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6 reasons why you need an Office 365 backup and what to look for from a provider

If your business runs Office 365 (O365), then you’ll know that it’s the centre of your company’s email communications, collaboration and, ultimately, productivity. Similarly, if you’re considering using O365 for your company, you’ll probably know that it will become the hub of your business.

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DRaaS: What it is, the benefits and choosing your provider

DRaaS: What it is, the benefits and choosing your provider

What is DRaaS:

Broadly speaking, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based system which allows businesses and other organizations to establish alternate processing sites for their disaster recovery needs.

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Is it possible to win the fight against downtime?

According to recent research by LogicMonitor, IT departments in the UK prioritise availability and performance over anything else. These factors are viewed as more vital than cost or security but despite this, efforts aren’t actually ruling out the risks of downtime. Here we look at how you can prevent downtown in your network or IT systems with some simple steps.

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Can cloud computing help your business respond to Brexit?

The UK’s business world has been operating in extremely uncertain times for several years since the EU in/out referendum took place in 2016 and the majority of voters opted to leave the EU. More than three years on and we are still unsure as to whether we will leave, or if we do leave, whether we will have a ‘deal’ in place.

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Burn The Tapes! How Data Backup Is Changing

The way we backup our data is changing. We’ve been through the floppy disk stage (too big, yet not big enough…) and through the flashdrive stage (useful but limited and not secure) and we are now emerging into a new era. There’s a huge number of options out there and IT managers who are well informed about backing-up their data can become the heroes of their organisations.

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Businesses at the Mercy of Power Outages

British Airways infamous IT crash has pushed the company into the headlines and cost it a very large sum, but what can businesses learn from this catastrophic system failure?

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So What Does A Business Continuity Plan Actually Look Like?

Business continuity planning = boring? Well, not really. As you'll well be aware, BCP is an essential part of any organisation’s response planning. And, with you in the driving seat, you might well be the one who gets all the flak if that zombie apocalypse does finally happen and all your firm's IT kit goes up in smoke/gets eaten by zombies/stolen by vagabonds.

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