GDPR Compliance - Protect Against Data Leaks

Protect your organisation's data, users and network

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives citizens extensive rights over how their data is processed. The regulations continue to apply to the UK after Brexit due to the Data Protection Act 2018. Your organisation can be fined up to 4 percent of its annual turnover if the relevant regulator feels you haven't done enough to comply. 

GDPR compliance is complex but we offer several services that can significantly cut the risk of data losses by improving your IT security and sensible data protection measures.

Unified Threat Management protects the users and devices on your LAN or WAN. Microsoft 365 protects the data and devices, whether those devices are connected to your network or not.  

Why choose hSo GPDR Compliance Solutions

Block Malware

Protect ALL your networked devices from web-based malware and email-borne viruses.

Tackle Problematic App Traffic

Monitor, throttle or block unauthorised apps such as remote access tools, proxies, filesharing apps, IM and P2P. Apply different policies to different users.

Protect Against Known Threats

Protect your network with the latest threat intelligence from Fortinet - a leader in the Enterprise Network Firewall market according Gartner.

Enable Secure Collaboration

OneDrive delivers secure file sharing, Microsoft Teams provides instant messaging and SharePoint enable internal publishing.

Stop Problematic Sharing

Set policies that can enforce encryption of certain types of Office files, restrict printing, and stop unauthorised recipients from viewing certain files.

Remotely Wipe Data

Remotely wipe corporate data - and just corporate data - stored on lost or stolen devices owned by your organisation, its employees or its ex-employees.

Patched Software

Each subscriber is entited to use the most recent versions of Windows and Office. You can make patching mandatory. 

Anti-Virus Protection

Windows Defender Antivirus provides anti-virus protection for Windows devices. 

Non-Windows Devices

Control data on Android and iOS devices. Block access from jailbroken/rooted devices, mandate encryption of corporate data and block your files from being saved to non-corporate storage folders.

Compliance Tools Galore

eDiscovery tools uncover the personal data your organisation stores. Searchable audit logs help you spot malicious or inappropriate activity. Files and emails can be automatically classified & protected, based on their contents and your policies.

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