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How to plan and execute the perfect cloud migration for your business

Cloud migration is one of the biggest trends in business today, with organizations of all sizes and types migrating their operations to the cloud at an unprecedented and rapidly accelerating rate.

With benefits such as cost savings, added value, increased security, flexibility and scalability, it’s no wonder that businesses are migrating in such great numbers.

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Can the cloud simplify your business accounting?

Anyone running a small business will know that doing our accounts is not something most of us look forward to. Many small business owners find they are bogged down in spreadsheets and endless tasks of inputting data and calculating VAT returns. It’s a job that many of us leave to the last minute and then take hours or even days over once we do finally get around to dealing with it. 

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Can switching to the cloud help your small business to flourish?

Cloud computing isn’t just for large corporations. Switching to the cloud can carry major benefits for businesses of all sizes, including very small operations with just a few staff. Here, we take a look at the specific ways in which cloud computing can help small and medium sized businesses to grow and flourish.

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How the cloud can boost business for retailers

Most retailers are probably already aware of the cost savings and efficiencies the cloud can bring to their business. The cloud, however, has far more to offer retailers, especially if they examine their highest volume workflows and prioritise moving these to the cloud.

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Cloud security is only as good as its weakest link

In this day and age, when we are surrounded by state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-date security systems, the existence of even a basic cloud makes security less of an issue for businesses. Indeed, often is the case that cloud-based security protocols are superior to that of on-premises systems that fail to benefit from further research and development funding.

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