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Zero Trust, ZTA, ZTNA - The Key Features and Differences

In a world with widespread remote working, business partners at separate firms requiring access to each other’s networks, the Internet of Things connecting more devices everyday and, most pressingly, increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, protecting a network correctly has arguably never been more vital.

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The Wonderful (and Sometimes Funny) World of DevOps

We at hSo are incredibly passionate about the cloud and its potential. We provide cloud services after all! Over the past few weeks, we've covered devops, what it is and its partnership with the cloud. With the explosion of devops comes, of course, the parody twitter and tumblr accounts. We've also seen the memes that have risen out of the movement.

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How the Cloud & DevOps Work Together

In our mini series on DevOps, we’ve explored what it is, where it’s headed, the challenges it faces and its future. But to understand DevOps it is essential to cover the intensely close partnership that the cloud and DevOps share, including the similar mantra they both follow and how they fit together.

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The Future of DevOps

In our previous blog, we covered the definition of DevOps, what it is trying to fix and how it can help businesses. This week, we're going to cover what the future holds for DevOps, what trends are emerging and what tools and products have emerged as a result of the DevOps movement.

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The Rise of DevOps: What It Is & How It Helps Businesses

For those of us in the IT industry, the phrase 'DevOps' has become a common word used in many organisations. However, many of us are unsure what it is exactly, where DevOps came from and what it attempts to achieve. Here, we're going to dive into dissecting what DevOps actually is, while also taking a look at the pros and cons of what DevOps aims to deliver.

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