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5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

As a year of unprecedented upheaval draws to a close, everyone is entitled to feel a little optimism that vaccines might make the world a safer, more normal place again in 2021. 

However, in the world of cybersecurity, merely hoping for safety is of course not enough and businesses around the world will now have to turn their attentions to combatting 2021’s cyber threats.

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Is it possible to win the fight against downtime?

According to recent research by LogicMonitor, IT departments in the UK prioritise availability and performance over anything else. These factors are viewed as more vital than cost or security but despite this, efforts aren’t actually ruling out the risks of downtime. Here we look at how you can prevent downtown in your network or IT systems with some simple steps.

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Top 9 apps to boost productivity and save time

In the age of the smartphone, life changing apps are everything. We’ve pulled together the top 9 apps for iPhone or Android that will save you time, boost productivity and even get you into shape.

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How big data, security and a smart cheese room will change football forever

The new Premier League season has landed to a chorus of cheers/groans, depending on your outlook, and with it the latest innovations in play.

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US Election: What Can Trump’s Success Tell Us About Data?

The biggest upset in US political history? Almost certainly.

Few, if any, thought he’d stand a chance. Donald Trump as president? No way! And yet, yesterday, there he stood as US president-elect, promising to “bind the wounds” of division and “come together as one united people” as a president “for all Americans”. Yes way.

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Big Data: The (Not So) Secret Ingredient to Better Business?

Big Data is all the rage in the workplace, with the phrase being one of the most talked about and hyped up topics in the technology and business world today. But how companies use the data generated, monitor the data at their fingertips and analyse it successfully is quite another matter.

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Are Big Data Risks Costing Money?

With all the Big Data that’s available for companies to mine and analyse, you probably think that there is a lot of risk involved. Privacy issues, concerns over security and basic human error can all play a part when analysing huge datasets. And you’d be right — Big Data does come with the risks mentioned here, but there are many ways in which you can combat them. Let’s take a look.

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What Pokemon Go Teaches Us About Big Data

Big Data. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? It’s quickly gone from a buzzword to a commonly used business term. And it’s also gone from a concept to a way of working that has revolutionised how companies do business.

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