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hSo’s guide to MPLS

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  • MPLS in a nutshell
  • How to tell if MPLS is relevant to your business
  • The secrets most MPLS providers hide from you
“It was a vast improvement for our users… extremely noticeable, Prior to the upgrade, we had constant complaints from users that access to file servers, email and Internet access was all slow. Now, all those problems have gone away.”
Andrew Barnes,

Head of IT, Orchard Hill

More bandwidth

Improve productivity and end those complaints about sluggish applications and web sites.

Better value

Connectivity prices keep falling. So you might get more bandwidth, without having to pay more.

Share IT resources

Good connectivity can enable staff at multiple sites to access shared IT resources, reducing costs and simplifying support.

Improve reliability

Rigorous processes, network resilience, automated monitoring, 24/7 support and SLAs can help.

Lower phone bills

A WAN that can support business-class VoIP could save you a fortune, as VoIP can cut call charges and ISDN circuit costs.

One network

With the right network, there's no need to maintain separate connections for data, telephony and video conferencing.


If you pick the right supplier, your network will adjust easily to having additional sites, more users, office moves and greater network usage – all without breaking the bank...

How's that?

... for example, by using traffic prioritisation to minimise the impact of network congestion and delay circuit upgrades. Also, multiple sites can share the Internet bandwidth.

Why choose hSo for your connectivity upgrade

6 reasons to choose hSo for upgrading your connectivity:

  • hSo works with all the top UK network operators – from BT to Virgin – allowing us to pick the best options at each of your sites for pricing, resilience and delivery timescales.
  • Our MPLS core network lets us combine connections from different operators, while applying appropriate QoS settings across your entire WAN.
  • Our UK-based Customer Support team watch over your connection 24/7. Our monitoring systems automatically alert our technical experts if there's a problem, so troubleshooting can begin.
  • hSo's network is extremely well-connected. We're a member of numerous Internet exchanges and we have extensive public and private peering arrangements. We're also in more than 20 data centres.
  • We don't just provide connectivity. We offer a whole range of complementary services, such as cloud telephony and hosting

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