Private Cloud Hosting

Flexible VMware®-based hosting for your mission-critical server applications

The big public cloud services are fantastic but they are not right for every organisation.

Sometimes, the public cloud can be too expensive. Particularly if you have a lot of VMs that will occasionally require a lot of memory and processing power.

So we've created an alternative option - an enterprise-class hosted virtualisation service that delivers the perfect hosting environment for your applications. 

It gives you the best of both worlds: the resource pooling, feature-rich VM management tools, predictable costs and control over security that on-premise virtualisation delivers. And the impressive scalability, rapid provisioning, platform resilience, rock-solid hosting environment and service level agreements that public cloud hosting provides.

The way we've done this is to combine VMware Cloud Director with enterprise-grade hardware, a multi-gigabit resilient network, service monitoring systems, secure rackspace in UK data centres and a team of virtualisation support staff. 

Why choose hSo Private Cloud Hosting?

Use VMware

Take advantage of cloud hosting without giving up the most advanced, popular, trusted, feature-rich virtualisation system around.

Limit Hosting Costs

Buy a fixed-price pool of resources and allocate it to your VMs. Busy VMs can borrow spare capacity from less busy ones. We also offer PAYG options.

Directly Control Your Hosting

Our self-service web portal lets you reallocate resources, pause and restart VMs, and create new VMs. No need to wait.

Increase Uptime

Get instant access to multiple server hosts in multiple data centres, with automatic failover and live VM migration. Enterprise-grade hardware.

Stay Secure

We can set up firewall rules, VPNs and private circuits to restrict access to your VMs. We can make VMs look like local servers on your LAN/WAN.

Get Support 24x7

Our team of UK-based virtualisation experts are available day and night to answer your support-related calls and emails.

Additional Benefits

Easy migration of existing VMs

It’s simple to migrate existing VMware VMs to our platform, or to move any VMs we host to your own platform or to another VMware hosting provider.


Unlimited unmanaged VMs

Typically, you pay for a bundle of resources and for VMs that are managed/monitored/backed-up. You can then have as many unmanaged VMs as you like, subject to not using more resources than you bought.  

Instant upgrades to live VMs

Our self-service portal lets you adjust the resources assigned to any VM in real-time, including VMs that are live.


Unlimited data transfers

Unlike some cloud providers, we don't charge you data transfers in or out of our network.

Options galore

The service comes with a host of options for adding firewalls, OS licences, and enterprise-grade data backup.


Even better for hSo customers

We can add the VMs to your existing hSo WAN, so they are on your private IP address space, and your WAN users are oblivious to the fact that the servers they're using are hosted externally.

hSo’s guide to hosted virtualisation

Our FREE guide explains...

  • Virtualisation and its benefits
  • What’s stopping some people doing it
  • How hosted virtualisation works

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