Give your servers an ideal hosting environment

Your office was designed to host people, not servers. That's not great for the servers you rely upon.

In theory, you could fix this issue by retro-fitting your office with modern data centre technology. In practice, that's far too expensive.

Luckily, there is a better option: colocation. Instead of bringing a modern server environment to your servers, you move your servers to a proper data centre where the perfect hosting environment already exists.

Your colocated servers get resilient power, industrial-strength air-conditioning and robust physical protection. The new location offers cheap, plentiful connectivity that can be delivered and upgraded fast. 

Why choose hSo Co-location?

Choice of location

We can give you co-lo space at 19 sites including ones in London, Manchester, Slough, Woking, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Resilient environment

Our data centres provide 24/7 advanced protection for your equipment, using measures like multiple power feeds, security guards, and raised floors.


Our rackspace connects directly to our core network, giving lightning fast responses to requests from your leased line and broadband connections.

Better performance

hSo peers with 100s of networks at Internet exchanges such as LINX, LONAP and AMS-IX, delivering lower latency and less jitter.

24/7 monitoring

We proactively monitor the service, ready to nip in the bud any potential issues. Our services are backed by rigorous SLAs too.

Scalable Connectivity

Easily upgrade your server's Internet connection at short notice.

Additional Benefits

Accessible and convenient

High security rackspace needn’t be hard to access. Many of the data centres we use are conveniently located. Pre-authorised members of your staff can access your equipment when required. We also offer a Remote Hands service.

Room to grow

If your space or power requirements grow, we can usually accommodate you in the same data centre or at a data centre near-by, as we're in so many facilities.

Top quality data centres

The data centres where we offer space are operated by some of the world's most experienced data centre operators, including Equinix, Digital Reality, Telehouse, Global Switch and CenturyLink.

Connectivity options

We can connect your colocated hardware to AWS or Azure, to support a hybrid-cloud strategy. Or to the phone network, if you want to colocate your PBX. We can connect you to dozens of data centres via our core network. 

hSo’s guide to Cloud Computing

Our FREE guide explains...

  • The benefits of Cloud Computing, in detail
  • The potential pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
  • The pros & cons of your various options
“hSo successfully hosts our phone system in one of its data centres and provides us with SIP trunks.”
Peter Powell,

Head of IT, The Red Consultancy

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