Migrate to Hosted VMware

Get the benefits of the public cloud AND the #1 virtualisation software

The big public clouds aren't right for everyone. If you have demanding on-premise workloads, re-hosting on the public cloud can be ruinously expensive.

Sure, you could re-engineer your applications at great expense. But that's not your only option. 

Hosted VMware lets you keep your existing apps as they are whilst adding many of the benefits of the public cloud.

Our 'migrate to Hosted VMware' option helps you switch to an industrial-scale managed cloud-hosted version of your existing VMware stack.

Why choose hSo's Migrate to Hosted VMware

Avoid Re-engineering

Run existing workloads in the cloud without adjusting your apps or OSes. VM groups pool spare resources so even inefficient apps can be hosted affordably.

Keep VMware

Use the most popular, easy-to-manage, efficient, OS-compatible, tool-compatible enterprise virtualisation system.

Guarantee Portability

VMware's VMDK format means you are always able to move cloud hosting providers. No need to convert your VMs, rebuild your stacks or re-engineer your apps.

Eliminate Server Hassles

Make server hardware someone else's responsibility. You'll no longer need to waste time buying, configuring, networking, hosting, upgrading or fixing servers.

Increase Agility

Instantly add capacity via a self-service control panel. Resize existing VMs without downtime.

Predictable Costs

Know your bill in advance with our fixed-price groups of VMs. Or opt for pay-as-you-go if you prefer.

Resilient Hosting

Keep your business-critical applications running with hosting in two UK data centres, so if one data centre goes offline or one VMware host is being patched, your apps are still live.

24/7 Phone Support

Call or email us any time of the day or night. Unlike some cloud providers, we don't leave you on your own with just a self-service portal, a status page and a communal forum for support.

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