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Benefits of GTFlow Advanced Network Monitoring

Proactive management 

Getting alerts about bottlenecks and incidents lets you act on issues as they happen.

Improved network visibility

GTFlow analyses packets and flows and provides insights for decision-making.

Cost effective

Reduce transit costs, improve utilisation and identify root causes for overloaded resources.

Secure your network

Detect and diagnose problems such as cyber-attacks more quickly to get rid of unwanted traffic.

Available anywhere

GTFlow™ collects all the data you need in a single, user-friendly panel that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Capacity planning

Use comprehensive traffic and network reports for smarter traffic engineering and peering.

Configurable thresholds

Monitoring systems can have many adjustable thresholds fed from probes across the network. When thresholds are breached, alarms prompt support teams to take appropriate action.

Proactive plans

Proactive plans can be put in place so that remedial action can be immediately actioned should certain potential failures occur.

Support escalation

Effective monitoring services have second and third line support on-hand should a detected issue require escalation. Where first line support staff cannot resolve an issue, the incident is immediately escalated to second or third line support who have greater technical expertise and are better able to resolve it.

Why choose hSo for Network Monitoring

hSo’s 24/7 service is fully managed and monitored. We provide a help-desk, fault reporting and efficient resolution via a multi-skilled, entirely UK-based team. We have direct access to manufacturers too.

6 reasons to choose hSo for Network Monitoring

  • Pay as you grow. We make it easy for you to simply add network devices when required.
  • With hSo’s fully managed service, you don't need to deploy or manage software. We provide fault reporting and resolution via our help-desk.
  • Our highly qualified engineers, based entirely in the UK, ensure your devices are monitored 24/7 and they are available for support round the clock.
  • We invest heavily in hardware and software, including the development of proprietary software, so we can monitor an unlimited number of physical and virtual devices. 
  • Our services are backed by competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs), including support team response commitments.
  • We use monitoring to manage our own core MPLS network to 99.99% uptime at least.

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