Cloud Direct

Direct connections to major cloud providers

Want the flexibility of the Public Cloud but don’t want to compromise on the resilience and security of your own network?

Thanks to hSo’s Cloud Direct you can now benefit from an ultra-secure and highly efficient connection of your private MPLS network to our third-party Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) partners, Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. We ensure that your assets are available anytime, anywhere through dedicated connectivity whilst giving you greater control and security over your data.

With our direct connections, we allow your mission-critical applications, such as Office 365, to benefit from low-latency network performance. 

Why use 'hSo Cloud Direct'

Faster Cloud Services

Make your cloud-based servers and applications seem more responsive by bypassing Internet congestion, increasing bandwidth and cutting network latency.

Simpler Security

Private connections make it easier to protect your cloud-based IT, as it no longer has to be reachable via the Internet. You can often ditch the VPN too.

Lower Data Transit Costs

Many cloud providers charge for data leaving their clouds. They often charge less if the data leaves via a private link instead of over the Internet.

Resilience Options

We give you the option to connect via multiple routes, multiple carriers, multiple data centres and multiple towns.

Rapid Bandwidth Upgrades

Cloud connections can be quickly upgraded if you need more bandwidth, provided that your leased line or WAN can accommodate the extra traffic.  

Available Almost Anywhere

Cloud providers only interconnect within certain data centres. We are in the right locations so we can connect you to almost any major cloud from almost any UK site.

Additional Benefits

24/7 support & monitoring

Our UK networking specialists are on hand, day and night, to tackle any networking problems. Our monitoring systems watch like a hawk, highlighting potential issues before they can become serious.

Every site can benefit

If you get your wide area network from us, we can prioritise the traffic flows so every site on your WAN can share in the benefits of your private cloud links. 

Multiple clouds supported

We can connect you to all the major clouds. So whether you plan to have a multi-cloud strategy, or just want to know you can migrate from one cloud to another should it prove necessary or advantageous, we can help.

No need to be a networking expert

Private cloud connections tend to be bought by our larger, more technically advanced customers. However, if networking isn't your forte, we can take care of any BGP routing, network address translation and IP addressing for you.

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