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Budget 2017: Robots, Cars, 5G, Digital Skills

On Wednesday, Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the government’s latest Budget. From robot research and driverless cars to 5G and investment digital skills, there were plenty of announcements for the UK’s tech industry.

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Just How Smart Will Our Smart Cities Be?

The world is getting bigger, but technology has the potential to bring us closer together. Read any tech website these days and you’ll likely find a slew of references to ‘smart cities’.

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Do You Have Your Own Connection To The Public Cloud? If Not, Get One - Now

To say that the public cloud is growing would be something of an understatement.

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UK Public Sector And The Cloud: State Of Play

Today, the public sector is dependent on the cloud. Local and central government, police forces and more now harness networks of remote servers to provide vital services, communicate with each other, manage data and keep IT costs within budget.

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