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Forget The Cloud - Say Hello To Edge Computing

Do you live on the edge? If you don’t yet, you soon will be. As networks become more and more sophisticated and as consumers and companies embrace the internet of things (IoT), additional demands will be placed on IT architecture.

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AI: How Will Robots Change The Workforce?

Will a robot one day take your job? What type of jobs will they take? How will automation change the way we see work? We look at the potential impact of robots at work.

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Near-Future Workplace: What Will Your Office Look Like?

Technology is changing the way we live, the way we play and, of course, the way we work. The rigid, office-based 9-to-5 where you work at a fixed desk from a corporate computer is rapidly becoming something much more fluid. Today we’re more likely to work flexibly, perhaps from home or a shared working space.

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What Will The Networks Of The (Near) Future Look Like?

While not quite yet firmly on the stage, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and virtual reality all have the potential to radically change whole facets of our lives: how we communicate, how quickly we can get things done, how businesses market products and deliver services.

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