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Backing up data to an offsite location used to be a real hassle. Online backup fixed these problems but it was costly. Veeam has come up with a better way - adding a new fateure called Veeam Cloud Connect to its popular backup software. This lets customers easily backup their data to affordable off-site storage repository hosted by Veeam partners, like us, which you CAN resell. View further information below. 

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Why Reselling hSo Online Backup is a Good Fit For Your Business

Relevant to Most Customers

Pretty much every customer of yours ought to be backing up their data offsite. All but the smallest can afford our service.

No Support Hassles

This isn't a whitelabelled service where if there's a problem customers blame you, call you and expect you to fix 'your' software. We provide 24/7 support.

Reliable Backup Software

Customers use feature-rich, intuitive Veeam software (possibly buying licences from you). Customers love it. We can arrange Veeam licences if desired.

New Revenue Streams

You get a commission on your customer's online backup bill. There is scope to sell Disaster Recovery as a Service, connectivity and Veeam licences.

Easy To Sell

For any of your clients using Veeam, the service is a no-brainer. They get offsite backups using their existing software. They also get a free 2TB trial.

Fewer GDPR Complications

Backups are stored in the UK by a UK firm. Files are encrypted at rest and in flight before leaving your customers' sites.

hSo's Backup Service is Great For Your Customers Too

Clients Control Their Backups

Your clients can control everything from their existing Veeam backup console. It's their backup by their rules.

Scalable Disk-Based Storage

Your clients don't need their own SAN or someone to take backup tapes offsite. Online backup lets clients start recovering lost data immediately.

Off-Site Repository

Your clients' data are automatically backed up to an offsite location with storage infrastructure independent of AWS, Azure and other major clouds.

Veeam-Approved Design

Your clients' data are kept safe on our secure backup platform. It's powered by Veeam software and based on Veeam Cloud Connect reference architecture.

UK Data Residency

Your clients' data are backed up to the UK. It won't stray into foreign courts' jurisdictions or different data protection regimes.

Data Confidentiality

Your clients files are securely encrypted at rest and in flight. Files are encrypted by their Veeam software using their private key before leaving their premises.


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