A flexible application-aware wide area network that you control

Our SD-WAN service gives you granular control of your WAN. Prioritise individual SaaS services, ban or throttle unwanted traffic, and see how your WAN is really  being used.  

Underpinning this is a clever combination of deep packet inspection, granular routing policies, bandwidth aggregation, encryption, application traffic signatures and an admin portal offering extensive analytics.

A network overlay handles your WAN routing, encryption and traffic management. hSo can also provide the underlying WAN connections, guaranteeing end-to-end quality of service.

SD-WAN in a Nutshell

Transport Agnostic

Seamlessly move traffic between your leased line, broadband and mobile connections. Use multiple links at once, boosting maximum speeds and site uptime.

App-Specific Networking

Automatically switch app traffic to the right route(s) based on link performance and policies. Prioritise key traffic to protect your user experience.

Network Usage Insights

How's your network REALLY used? Our portal's stats will show you. Perfect for capacity planning and spotting network misuse.

Central Control/Orchestration

You call the shots across all your sites. Update the settings for any site and every site remotely.

Agile Network Management

Make near-instant changes via our online self-service portal. Prioritise traffic from a new app in seconds, across your entire IT estate.

WAN Encryption

Your traffic can be encrypted across all links and between all sites, so your confidential data is protected all times. 

Choice of Deployment Models

Existing WAN - SD-WAN Overlay

We deliver managed appliances that make the most of your existing connections. The SD-WAN appliances reroute, encrypt, prioritise and block network traffic in accordance with policies you set. You control everything via a web-based portal.

New WAN - Fully managed SD-WAN

We deliver an SD-WAN overlay plus high-quality network connectivity. You get the benefits of an SD-WAN overlay plus the reassurance of knowing your WAN comes with end-to-end quality-of-service, backed by Service Level Agreements.


Why pick hSo for your SD-WAN?

A Managed Service, Not Just Kit

You get a ready-to-go service set up by specialists. You don't just receive a large pile of expensive hardware and an impenetrable vendor manual.

Clear Accountability

We can provide the SD-WAN overlay AND the underlying leased lines, broadband and 3G/4G/5G. So if there is ever a problem, it's clear who to call. 

Guaranteed Quality of Service

We can guarantee end-to-end quality of service on any part of your WAN where we provide the underlying fixed-line connectivity.

Proven Security Competence

We're ISO 27001 certified by independent auditors. We are trusted to carry NHS data as a Health and Social Care Network consumer-network service provider.

Better WAN Responsiveness

We directly peer with BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, AWS, Microsoft, Google and over 150 other network operators for faster throughput and reduced latency.

Cost Effectiveness

We make SD-WANs more affordable by letting you rent the necessary hardware and by making wholesale carriers compete to provide the underlying links.


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