Disaster Recovery as a Service (Cloud Replication for DR)

Rapidly recreate lost VMware infrastructure on our cloud

Data backups are great for dealing with minor data losses. However, they can be inadequate when it comes to major data losses.

Few organisations can afford to go without IT for days while waiting for replacement servers to be delivered, hosts rebuilt and backups restored.

Even if your hardware is unscathed, restoring large amounts of data can cause key IT systems to be unavailable for unacceptably long periods.

So what's the alternative? DRaaS. hSo will build a virtual replica of your VMware server infrastructure on our cloud, sizing the VMs and setting up networking.

We switch it off until you need it, then if the worst happens, you give us a call and we turn on a fully-working replica of your systems hosted on our cloud.

Your VM images are replicated automatically according to your instructions, so recent images are ready to be unfrozen the moment they are needed.

Why choose hSo Disaster Recovery as a Service for VMware?

Rapid Recovery

If disaster strikes, there's no need to wait days for replacement servers. Just call us and we'll spin up recent replicas of your VMs on our platform.

Expert Assistance

Our experienced DR consultants help set up and test everything, so you can be confident of meeting your organisation's recovery objectives.

Granular Replication

Restore individual VMs, VM groups, or everything. Decide how many restore points are kept and for how long. Set restoration priorities and boot order.

Trusted Supplier

We are ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 certified as well as HSCN compliant. 

UK Hosted

Your VM images are stored in the UK and restored to the UK. Your DR data doesn't stray into EU-27 or US legal jurisdictions or data protection regimes.

24/7/365 UK Support

Whenever disaster strikes, our London-based support staff are here to help you recover. 

Hosting Discount

Our DR hosting platform is there for when you need it. When you don't need it, you receive a steep discount on the DR hosting bill.

Direct Control

You can trigger failover and failback at any time, without involving us, as we have integrated our Veeam™ and VMware systems.

Seamless Networking

If your VMware host is operational, you can perform partial failovers. VMs can be replicated on our hosting platform whilst their traffic is tunnelled between the old and new hosts, so no-one notices the switchover.

Combine Backup + DRaaS

If you opt for both our Cloud Backup and DRaaS offerings, cloud backups can be based on your replicas, reducing the load on your servers, storage devices and network.

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