Cloud Assessment

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Make sure you're prepared.

Moving to the cloud isn't as simple as some cloud providers suggest. 

Our cloud readiness assessment provides a candid evaluation of how ready you are.

A technical expert will visit your site, discuss your requirements, analyse your existing IT setup, collect performance data and uncover dependencies.

They will then produce a detailed report that gives you the facts you need in order to determine whether to go ahead with cloud migration.

Why choose hSo Cloud Assessment

Avoid Bill Shock

We analyse your usage levels to determine how much cloud capacity you need, then forecast your cloud bills, so you know roughly how much your cloud will cost.

De-risk Migration

We review your entire IT setup to ensure you're not hit with unexpected technical obstacles when you migrate.

Independent Expertise

Our expert's impartial report may help you justify cloud migration, helping secure the internal approvals and budgetary sign-off you need.

Comprehensive Analysis

We don't just examine your existing IT infrastructure, workloads and storage. We review operating costs, app performance, security and IT architecture too.

Actionable Advice

We explain your options and give you concrete advice on what the next steps should be if you decide to migrate.

Advanced Tools

Sophisticated software uncovers the nuances of your IT requirements, from peak usage levels to legacy OS versions, to network throughput requirements.

Additional Benefits

AWS and Azure Expertise

AWS and Azure are great, but with over 350 services, they can be a bit overwhelming. Our experts cut through this complexity, highlighting the services that are right for you. Unlike most cloud consultancies, we're not beholden to any one cloud provider. We are both an AWS Partner Network Technology Partner and a Microsoft partner.


Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud Options

Public Cloud services from Azure & AWS aren't your only options. Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud might be more appropriate for you. We can advise you on these options, having set up and managed multiple enterprise-grade cloud platforms ourselves, as a VMware partner.  

Networking Knowledge

Once you move your workloads, applications or data to the cloud, you still need to reach them. As a network service provider, we're masters at connecting things and can advise you on how to connect to your cloud-based systems. We can also provide cost estimates for a complete cloud solution, not just the hosted elements.


Related Service Options

If you decide to migrate to the cloud, we can help you make that migration happen. We can arrange any connectivity to the cloud, including dedicated high-capacity links to AWS, Azure and other major clouds. Post-migration, we can monitor and manage your cloud platform.

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