Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

A superior approach to network security

Most office LANs allow devices to contact any host on any port. Once a device has connected, there's no visibility over how the connection is used or misused.

This overly trusting approach is often extended to VPN users.

There's a better way: Zero Trust Network Access uses a proxy to filter network requests, allowing network security to be nuanced, user-specific, conditional and sceptical.

Why choose Zero Trust Network Access?

Granular Network Security

Grant access to hosts, apps and resources based on factors such as user identity, network, user location, device security, MFA and time of day.

Reduce Attack Surface

Reduce visibility of attackable resources. Reduce damage from physical breaches, social engineering and malware.

Tighten LAN Security

Limit what unauthorised devices can see and do. Encrypt LAN traffic. Require periodic reauthentication. Restrict visibility of hosts, ports and apps. 

Improve Usage Visibility

Know who connected to what, when. Be able to investigate misuse, hacking attempts, data leaks and compromises.

Protect Non-Desktop Devices

Keep printers, phones, wireless access points, storage devices and webcams out of trouble by sensibly restricting their network access and visibility.

Protect Corporate Apps

Grant access only to authorised, authenticated users on adequately trusted devices. Restrict session lengths. Add MFA. Log who used your apps and when.

Why use hSo's ZTNA Service?

Complete Solution

We give you the option to add SD-WAN functionality, web filtering and public cloud connectivity. Can be hosted at your sites or in the cloud (SASE).

Authentication Integrations

Can integrate with a broad range of Identity and Access Management solutions including Active Directory, OneLogin, Auth0, Okta and Google.

End-Point Protection

Can protect your network using anti-virus, a cloud sandbox, removable media restrictions, application firewalls and automated endpoint quarantine.

Managed Service

There's no hardware for you to buy, patch or monitor. We'll take care of that for you. We provide a ZTNA service with 24/7 UK support.

Fortinet Powered

Our ZTNA service is based on software, hardware and threat intelligence from Fortinet - a top network security device manufacturer.

Bespoke Solution

Our experts will propose a bespoke solution that's tailored to your organisation's unique requirements and preferences.

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