Unified Threat Management

Nuanced, real-world protection for your corporate network

Most firewalls have a major design flaw - they inspect packet headers, not the content of those packets. So they are ineffective at blocking malware, porn, SPAM, dictionary attacks and other problematic traffic.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) offers a superior approach. It combines a standard firewall with deep packet inspection, threat signature databases and site classification lists. This lets you apply more nuanced filtering, blocking and logging rules that better protect your network and its users.

Why choose hSo Secure UTM

Staff Productivity

Stop employees wasting time on inappropriate web sites. Reduce the amount of SPAM your staff receive.

Application Control

Monitor, throttle or block unauthorised apps such as remote access tools, proxies, filesharing apps, VoIP, IM and P2P. Apply different policies to different users.

Malware Blocking

Protect ALL your networked devices from web-based malware and email-borne viruses.

Leading Technology

Stay protected using the latest threat intelligence from Fortinet - a leader in the Enterprise Network Firewall market according to tech research firm Gartner.

Intrusion Prevention

Our service is able to detect and block many brute force attacks, and protect against common cookie-cutter hacking exploits.

GDPR Compliance

Make it harder for employees to leak confidential data via email or through online file storage/backup services.

Additional Benefits

Firewall included

Our UTM devices can perform all the usual firewall functions, including port blocking, restricting traffic by IP address, and enabling remote access via VPN. 

Hosting options

We can host it in one of our 20+ data centres, allowing a single device to protect multiple sites on your WAN. Or you can host it yourself. 

Self-managed option

Typically, our trained engineers will configure and manage the UTM device for you. However, we're happy to let you take control if you would prefer.

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