Goscomb integration boost

Apr 01


Goscomb integration boost

hSo has completed its network integration with Goscomb Technologies. 

The resulting combined core network enhances our customers’ Internet access and network capabilities, and provides greater UK and international reach.

Following hSo’s acquisition of IP transit specialist Goscomb last year, a complex network integration project has been underway. The final pieces of the jigsaw were slotted in on 7th February.

A 16-fold increase in Internet bandwidth capacity will help ensure even greater consistency and quality in the connectivity we offer.

Customers can benefit from enhanced Internet access and network performance, thanks to Goscomb’s extensive data centre presence and peering arrangements.

The vast majority of traffic is peered directly now, rather than traversing intermediate networks. Key upshots are less latency and reduced likelihood of jitter.

BT, Virgin and Google are among our private peering partners. Meanwhile, our public Internet exchange membership now includes LINX, LONAP, AMS-IX, NL-ix, France-IX, Equinix Paris, NYIIX and TelX New York, with new ones pending.

The combined network now connects with 19 PoPs (Points of Presence) in the UK and three international locations: Amsterdam, Paris and New York.

This increase in UK and international coverage brings superior reliability. For example, we can now offer you more solutions that re-route customer traffic should a particular data centre go down.

The extra international reach allows us to connect many international offices through our network (linking them together and back to the UK). You benefit from a faster and more reliable service, due to the traffic being entirely under our control, as opposed to traversing the public Internet. We can also provide local Internet breakout points in the US, France and the Netherlands.

Other benefits will include the option of IPv6 (from the end of Q2), meaning you'll have many more IP addresses available to you.

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