BT Strike Set for October 6th, 10th, 20th and 24th

Sep 22


BT Strike Set for October 6th, 10th, 20th and 24th

The Communications Workers Union has announced that its members ultimately employed by BT Group will strike on Thursday 6th October, Monday 10th October, Thursday 20th October and Monday 24th October 2022.

As a carrier-independent network provider, we use a number of suppliers, including BT's infrastructure subsidiary Openreach and BT's wholesale division, BT Wholesale. Many of our other connectivity suppliers also rely on Openreach circuits for the 'local tail' that connects their network to end-customer sites. 

If the planned strikes go ahead, this may adversely impact a small portion of hSo customers, including...

  • Customers waiting for WAN, leased line, FTTP, FTTC, ADSL or PSTN connections to be installed by Openreach, BT Wholesale, or network providers that rely on Openreach/BT Wholesale
  • Customers waiting for upgrades to circuits that are at least partially dependent on Openreach participation
  • Customers whose services suffer a fault which will require troubleshooting by Openreach/BT Wholesale

During the strike, Openreach will prioritise its resources in an attempt to minimise service disruption.

We will endeavour to provide more specific information to affected customers, once it becomes available to us.

These four days of BT Group employee strikes follow four earlier strikes on Friday July 29th, Monday August 1st 2022, Tuesday 30th August 2022 and Wendesday 31st August 2022.

The following prioritisation approach will apply during the strike:

  1. Blue light – repair and provision – emergency services
  2. Welfare and vulnerable repair
  3. Critical National Infrastructure repair
  4. Critical National Infrastructure provision
  5. Major service outages, major incidents, and emergency safety incidents (prioritised on volume and effect/impact)
  6. Repair for loss of service
  7. Reactive repair for reasons other than loss of service
  8. Provision e.g. installing new connections for groups not listed above
  9. Proactive network building
  10. Business-as-Usual network building
  11. Fault volume reduction - proactive repair of the network

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