hSo Policy Statement on BREXIT

Jan 04


hSo Policy Statement on BREXIT


The purpose of this document is to confirm the likely impact that Brexit will have on HighSpeed Office Limited (“hSo”).

With the end of the Brexit transition period approaching and from 1 January, 2021 onwards hSo recognises that customers and other stakeholders may have concerns about the impact this may have on their business with hSo.

hSo is confident that there will be no significant changes to our business associated with the UK leaving the EU. The company has a business model that is resilient to the changes and demand for its services remain strong.

The UK has agreed a broad agreement on trade in goods and services with the EU and with a number of other states.  However, there may be countries that the UK has not agreed a trade deal with and has, therefore, outlined a high-level summary of its preparedness if the UK needs to rely on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, based on common areas of concern for companies operating or purchasing services in the UK.


hSo has longstanding relationships with suppliers both within the UK and outside of the UK in existing world trade organisation areas.  hSo is generally not reliant on the transfer of goods from any one country for the ongoing provision of services to its customers and as such, does not envisage it will be materially affected by an increase in import/export costs following Brexit. Furthermore, hSo has a sufficient stock of kit available to support services to its customers in the short term.


hSo’s services are performed by companies locally incorporated and hSo does not consider that its ongoing provision of services will be impacted significantly, if at all.


hSo is not significantly dependent upon the services provided by foreign nationals working in the UK to provide its services and does not consider that it will be impacted.


hSo operates its services in compliance with data protection laws in the UK.

Vendor management

hSo’s business operations are supported by its vendors as a whole and by exception a vendor may be appointed to support discrete tasks that form part of an individual customer contract.

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