17 Things That Should NEVER Have Been Connected To the Internet

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We at hSo are passionate about getting online and staying connected. After all we are an internet service provider. However, in the growing era of the Internet of Things, there are limits to what should be connected to the internet and what shouldn't. We've watched with amusement parody twitter accounts such as @internetofshit break down the completely outlandish inventions that the Internet of Things has created. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Dams

Have you heard the one where a structure that holds millions of gallons of water goes offline...

2. Toothbrushes

Because dentists aren't annoying enough

3. Vacuum Cleaners

Text received: “Hey buddy, it's me Henry. Just updating you on how little you use me.” Nope.

4. Shoes

Every step you take. Every move you make. I'll be online for you?

5. Cars

A smart car that can be hacked with no authentication details needed? We'll pass thanks.

6. Toilets:

What a load of...

7. Cooking Pans

“I'm just going to create some fajitas using my Smart Pan.” Said no professional chef ever.

8. Freight Trains

Nothing terrifies us more than an Internet-connected freight train. It's big and mechanical and it reminds us of the Terminator. Just no.

9. Teddy Bears

“It would be great if we could create a toy designed to help children sleep and make sure it's always connected to the greatest source of entertainment in the world.” Parenting 101.

10. X-Ray Machines

A brand new way to share your inner-most secrets online. No thanks.

11. Belts

Because we all need a smart belt telling us just how much we've eaten over the festive period...

12. Toasters

We all know what burnt toast smells like. There is just no need for an app thanks.

13. Baby Monitors

“Honey, let's crowdsource raising our baby!”

14. Water Bottles:

When your body can't be bothered to tell you if you're thirsty...

15. Lightbulbs

Connected lightbulbs seemed like such a bright idea...

16. Doorbells

Can you think of the chaos this would cause if there was no connectivity? Think of the poor postmen!

17. Rubber Ducks

A $99 duck that can watch you in the bath. Creepy. But cool. But mainly creepy.

We know it seems hip and cool to be part of the future and have every single item in your home connected to the internet, some appliances are just not worth it. Just walk away from the madness now, scientists.

Perhaps the final word is best left with @internetofshit:

“Let's be honest, the Internet of Things is what nobody needs but we all deserve.”

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