Top 9 apps to boost productivity and save time

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In the age of the smartphone, life changing apps are everything. We’ve pulled together the top 9 apps for iPhone or Android that will save you time, boost productivity and even get you into shape.

Organise yourself - Todoist and Remember the Milk

Remembering to do the tasks you have set yourself is easier said than done. Whether you’re somebody who relies on Postit notes everywhere, notes written on the backs of hands or phone alarms to get through your to-do list, these two apps are easy ways to help you set an agenda and stick to it.

Both are available and syncable on a variety of platforms, allow you to share tasks with colleagues or other app users, and offer reminders via email, Twitter or even phone call, to make sure you stay organised this year.

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Automate workflows – Zapier

Automation is probably not a new word to many reading this, but clever app Zapier may well be. Put simply, automation is the art of setting up software to automatically perform certain actions when a trigger is met – for example, magically copying an attachment from a new Gmail into Dropbox, before sending you a notification on Slack alerting you to it.

Zapier allows you set up these workflows from any other smartphone app, allowing you to finish routine tasks simply and quickly. Unlike other automation apps, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge – great news for Python luddites.

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Manage your web time - RescueTime

Already have a comprehensive to-do list set up but can’t find the time to get it finished off? Sounds like everyone but, like everyone, you might be wasting more time online than you realise – and we’re not just talking about the Friday afternoons you spend on Buzzfeed’s cat quizzes.

RescueTime is a lightweight piece of software that runs in the background on your computer, phone or other device, tracking the time you spend on various applications and websites to give you a clear picture of how you spend your day. It can help ignore digital distractions and make the most of your worktime, even blocking sites once you start overstaying your welcome.

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Streamline the news - Feedly and Pocket

Another problem with the modern workplace is that of information overload. With so much happening in the digital world and so many new sources to stay on top of, apps such as Feedly can help make sure you’re keeping up with information from a wide variety of sources with little intrusion. It’s a paid RSS feeder into which you can put your favourite publications, blogs and keyword alerts, as well as custom and secure access to private content from internal company sources.

Pocket, meanwhile, lets you virtually clip out articles, videos or any other online content for you to browse later. It’s perfect for sourcing your commute reading, particularly if your journey home is out of WiFi range.

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Take care of yourself – RunKeeper, Money Dashboard and Headspace

Above all, the new year is a great time to prioritise your own self-care. There are a bevy of fantastic apps that can help you do this: if you find yourself fraught, frazzled and furious more often than not, Headspace is a simple app that promises to teach users how to meditate with hundreds of themed sessions covering stress, sleep and everything in between.

If you’re on a fitness kick in 2018, then RunKeeper is one of many apps that helps track runs, walks or other activity and encourages you to get active more often. You can set goals, follow a plan devised by experts and easily integrate with other apps like Spotify. If saving money is a focus for your New Year’s resolutions, then Money Dashboard is an easy way to track your incomings and outgoings and track where you’re spending the most cash. It’s also a secure way to login to your banking apps, meaning you can see exactly how small your balance is each month – winner!

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