Ethernet First Mile - Why Ever More Businesses Are Choosing EFM Instead of SDSL

  Ethernet First Mile has become increasingly popular technology for connecting corporate offices to the Internet and to other offices. We've seen ever more businesses visit our Ethernet First Mile price checker to find out whether EFM is available in their area. Businesses are choosing EFM instead of traditional SDSL connections because it has several key advantages:

Ethernet First Mile has greater Geographic Availability than SDSL

The UK's largest wholesale provider of SDSL connections offers SDSL at 900 of the UK's 5600 telephone exchanges. It offers Ethernet First Mile at over 1000 exchanges, and this number is growing rapidly. To check whether EFM is available in your area, use our Ethernet First Mile availability checker.

Ethernet in the First Mile offers Higher Speeds Than Traditional SDSL Connections

Traditional SDSL connections offered speeds of 0.5Mbit/s, 1Mbit/s or 2Mbit/s. This was boosted by some providers to up to 8Mbit/s, by bonding multiple SDSL circuits together. However, Ethernet First Mile completely blows this out of the water. It may offer speeds of up to 35Mbit/s, depending on your location and some other factors.

EFM offers Greater Reliability than Traditional SDSL Solutions

The companies that own the UK's wholesale EFM infrastructure also use the same underlying platforms to deliver ADSL connectivity to millions of consumers. This large scale of operations funds a huge support infrastructure that is far beyond anything a traditional business-focussed SDSL providers could afford to provide. There is a vast network of support engineers funded by ADSL customers that's ready to jump into action as soon as there's a problem on your EFM line. You spend more than the ADSL subscribers, so you take priority over them. Traditional SDSL solutions use one copper pair, one line card and one DSLAM/MSAN. In contrast, some leading EFM providers use multiple copper pairs, multiple line cards and multiple MSANs to eliminate many of these single points of failure. This can make EFM connections significantly more reliable than the traditional SDSL alternative.  

Find Out How Much An Ethernet First Mile circuit will Cost In Your Location

Our Ethernet First Mile cost checker provides instant prices for EFM and Fibre circuits to your location.  

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