How Ethernet in the First Mile Delivers Reliable Connectivity and Improved Uptime

Ethernet in the First Mile services in the UK have been designed to deliver business-class levels of service. How is this achieved? In five ways: resilient circuitry, using lots of pairs of copper to deliver adequate bandwidth, only using proven hardware, fixing faults fast, and implementing 24/7 proactive network monitoring. To find out how much a reliable EFM service is likely to cost, see our Ethernet First Mile & Fibre Leased Line Price Checker.

Ethernet in the First Mile uses Two or More of Most Bits of Kit and Two Or More Data Circuits

With typical ADSL or SDSL solutions there's one circuit plugged into one line card, plugged into one DSLAM (a bit of telecoms equipment at the local telephone exchange). If that circuit breaks, or the line card breaks or the DSLAM breaks, you lose your service. Ethernet in the First Mile is different. By using at least two circuits, two line cards and in some cases two MSANs (bits of telecoms equipment at the local telephone exchange), you still have connectivity even if there's a problem with an individual circuit, line card or MSAN. Not all EFM providers plug the line cards into separate pieces of hardware at the exchange, so some EFM providers (such as ourselves) offer a more resilient service than others.

EFM Can Use Lots of Pairs of Copper to Reliably Deliver Adequate Bandwidth

'EFM over copper' works by sending electrical signals over copper wires. The longer the wires, the more 'noise' adversely affects the signal received at the other end. To spot these errors (and correct them without needing for the data to be re-transmitted) DSL services make use of error-correcting codes. These act like a spellchecker, looking at individual units and saying 'hang on, this one's got an error in it' then figuring out what that error is likely to be by using mathematics. EFM services use multiple pairs of copper wires, not just to provide resilience, but also to increase the aggregate capacity of the link, so that there's enough spare capacity for error correcting codes etc, and you'll always see the bandwidth you expect, even when the individual circuits are suffering as a result of there being more noise than usual.

Ethernet In the First Mile Faults Are Typically Fixed FAST

If one of your EFM circuits dies, your provider is likely to fix the fault in less than one working day. Contrast that with ADSL, where you might have to wait FIVE working days. Clearly, businesses can do without connectivity for a short period. But five days would be entirely unacceptable to most businesses. That's why businesses that NEED connectivity, should consider getting EFM, even if ADSL would be adequate to meet their bandwidth requirements.

Ethernet First Mile Circuits May Be Proactively Monitored 24/7

If you have a problem with an ADSL circuit, it's up to you to spot it and report it to your provider. With EFM, your provider will likely monitor your circuit proactively, troubleshooting problems even before you call them.

Ethernet in the First Mile circuits make use of enterprise-quality hardware

Not that cheap rubbish that ADSL providers send out to consumers.

EFM Circuits Come With Business-Class Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Because of the inbuilt resilience, the multiple copper pairs, the reliable hardware, fast fix times and proactive 24/7 monitoring, EFM providers are happy to stand behind their service, backing up their confidence with legally binding Service Level Agreements (SLAs) / Service Level Guarantees (SLGs).

Want to Know How Much Ethernet in the First Mile Costs In Your Location?

To find out, visit our Ethernet in the First Mile price checker. It checks the price of EFM circuits and Fibre-optic circuits at your postcode(s), to find out which option can provide the cheapest leased line at your location. If you give us a call on 020 7847 4510 we can also run additional tests to check which 'EFM over copper' services are available in your area.

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