Ethernet in the First Mile - A Brief Guide For Business Owners

Making a decision about the best kind of network for your business is never easy. However, whether you are interested in SDSL, ADSL or Ethernet in the First Mile, thanks to some useful online tools, choosing the right solution for your company is getting easier. An example, is our online Ethernet in the First Mile price checker, which is an invaluable tool for business considering this route.

What can Ethernet in the First Mile connections be used for?

Ethernet in the First Mile solutions - which is sometimes called Ethernet First Mile or EFM - provides a point-to-point solution, which can be used for basic internet connections and for WAN connectivity, which allows staff in different locations to share information and servers. EFM is also great for firms that encourage remote working as it increases the bandwidth for the head office, allowing a greater number of staff to connect from home. In addition, technologies like video conferencing are easy to use with Ethernet in the First Mile and alongside its use for VoIP, staff can stay connected and costs can be kept under control.

What’s special about hSo’s Ethernet in the First Mile solutions?

The EFM solution we offer is much more reliable than that offered by some other providers in that it does not rely on just a single MSAN or line card. This means that if there does happen to be a hardware failure, connection will not be lost, customers would just experience a connection speed reduction. This is not the case with other providers whose customers could lose connection altogether should a similar problem arise. Other examples of the advantages to our service:

  • We use as many as eight copper pairings for our Ethernet in the First Mile service, compared with only four used by some rival providers.
  • Our Ethernet First Mile speeds are between 2Mbit/s and 35Mbit/s. The higher end of this scale is available in many locations, while some other providers only offer speeds of up to 20Mbit/s.
  • hSo can connect your business Ethernet in the First Mile circuit faster than many other providers and our installation times are consistent across all exchanges. Some other providers tend to offer slower installation times at a number of exchanges.

We can provide a useful tool to find the very best deal in your region, via our EFM leased line price checker. The tool allows you simply to type in your postcode and bandwidth requirements to search the best price for Ethernet in the First Mile.

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