Dedicated Leased Line – Why Having One is Great For Business

A dedicated leased line provides a private fixed bandwidth point-to-point data connection. It's used to connect offices to the Internet, and to link offices to other offices. And it's perfect for business use. Here’s why…

Dedicated Leased Lines = No Need To Share

Dedicated leased lines are exclusively for your company's use. The bandwidth is reserved solely for you, at all times.

Symmetric Connectivity. Transmit Data Faster

Leased lines are symmetric. That means that the upload speed matches the download speed. The speed at which you can transmit data matches the speed at which you can receive it.

Many business applications need substantial amounts of data to be send upstream, and a leased line ensures there's far more upstream bandwidth available than there would be if you had a standard ADSL connection.

SLAs and Business-Class Service Come As Standard

A dedicated leased line is designed for business use. So it comes with Service Level Agreements and a fast fix time.

Some leased line providers actively monitor your connection. If it goes down, their systems will alert them to the problem, allowing troubleshooting to begin even before you've told them about the problem.

Your Dedicated Connection Can Carry Many Types of Traffic

Your dedicated leased line could carry…

  • Internet Traffic – Web pages, emails, FTP traffic, streaming video
  • WAN Traffic – Data you are sending between your offices
  • Telephone Calls – SIP Trunking allows you to send your calls over your dedicated leased line, instead of over an expensive ISDN30 circuit

Faster Speeds

Dedicated Leased lines offer significant speed advantages over ADSL.
Uncontended leased lines can provide you with a circuit that’s far faster than an ADSL connection.

The typical UK phone line, ADSL would only be able to provide 6.0Mbit/s downstream, and less than 1Mbit/s upstream.

In contrast, a Dedicated Leased line can provide connection speeds of up to 10,000 Mbit/s (10 Gbit/s), in both directions! And while that may be more than you need, it’s very common to need more than 1Mbit/s or 2Mbit/s upstream, or more than 10Mbit/s downstream. And for many locations, ADSL cannot deliver these relatively modest bandwidths.

Private Circuits Prices Keep Falling

The price of dedicated leased lines keeps falling, as advances are made in optical networking and DSL technologies.

Consumer demand for broadband is encouraging many carriers to upgrade their networks, add new backhaul capacity, and install new DSLAMs and MSANs in local telephone exchanges. This investment not only helps consumers, but it also cuts the cost of providing dedicated leased lines to businesses.

How Much Should You Pay For A Dedicated Leased Line?

To find out how much your line should cost, visit . It compares quotes from multiple carriers – in real-time – to ensure a great price that fully reflects the latest price cuts.