Business Leased Line – A Connection That Blows ADSL Out Of The Water

A business leased line offers many benefits:

Business Leased Lines Can Deliver Higher Speeds Than ADSL

ADSL can provide 'up to 24Mbps' downstream, but only if you live right next to your local telephone exchange and your exchange is ADSL2+ enabled. Most businesses can't even get a fraction of that speed, as they live too far away from their local exchange.

Business leased lines can provide up to 1,000 Mbps to most company premises in the UK, and up to 10,000 Mbps to many of the more central locations.

More Upstream Bandwidth

A business leased line provides a symmetric connection. This means that it has an upload speed that’s as fast as the download speed. This is a huge step up from ADSL, where a 2Mbit/s connection might only offer a pitiful upload speed of 800kbps.

A fast upload speed is useful, as it makes it easier to send or upload large files, and to use online backup services. A high upload speed is also useful if you plan to use your leased line to carry your office's phone calls.

Consistent Speeds At All Times

Your connection is dedicated solely to use by your business. Your connection won’t slow down at peak times as your ISP’s other customers make use of their own connections.

No Download Limits, No Annoying Traffic Shaping

Most business leased lines are unmetered. This means that you can use your connection as much as you like.

In contrast, most ADSL connections are hawkishly monitored. If you were to go over your ADSL usage quota, you would be charged extra, or your connection would be slowed down deliberately to stop you using more than your 'fair usage'.

Business-class Support

Your business leased line is likely to come with 24x7 support. This ensures you can contact the support team whenever you need to. It also makes it possible for progress to be made on some faults overnight.

Leased line providers have far higher ratios of support staff to customers, enabling their help desks to to proactive and to give each customer the time and attention they deserve.

Fibre Provides Superior Reliability and Lower Latency

Most business leased lines are delivered over fibre-optic circuits and are unaffected by the cross-talk and electrical interference that can hinder DSL technologies such as ADSL and SDSL.

Fibre circuits often have lower latency (i.e. a shorter delay in sending or receiving data) than DSL circuits, as DSL suffers more signal degradation than fibre, so needs  delay-inducing signal processing to detect and correct the resultant errors.

Most Business Leased Lines use Fibre-Optic Cables To Carry Your Data

Your business leased line is likely to make use of Fibre-optic circuits for at least part of its route.

Find Out Business Leased Line Costs

The cost of your leased line will depend on the locations involved, and the bandwidth you’re after.

To find out how much it's likely to cost you, visit our business leased line price checker.