hSo Introduces High Availability IaaS Solution

Jan 30


hSo Introduces High Availability IaaS Solution

hSo gives customers control with the launch of hSo vDC, its Virtual Data Centre.

With hSo vDC, no need to compromise anymore: you can get high availability coupled with on-demand scalability!

hSo vDC is a scalable cloud computing platform, providing on-demand storage, server resources and applications, that can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. No need to worry about security, since it is part of your private MPLS network.

hSo vDC gives you the same resources as a physical data centre, without the hassle of dealing with your own data centre and its related costs. Your RAM, CPU and storage can be allocated each month as required and as fast as you need them without occurring additional costs or risking downtime.

Avner Peleg, Customer Development Director at hSo, said: “Being able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business environment and resource needs is a top priority for many of our customers. Our new hSo vDC solution will give them control and visibility over their compute and storage usage, allowing for greater scalability and efficiency than traditional data centre environments. Whilst still enjoying the same level of support we’ve always offered.”

“Being able to easily scale up or down and create an agile infrastructure will deliver considerable benefits to our customers. They are not limited anymore by bandwidth or storage, marking a new step in adapting rapidly to spikes in demand and focusing on business-critical applications.”

Key new functionalities include:

  • Instant Flexible virtual hardware with unmanaged or managed IaaS
  • Hosted in multiple locations in the UK
  • Large bandwidth & low latency
  • Integrated secure networking links your virtual data centre to your existing IT infrastructure
  • Pay as you go model allows you to create as many virtual machines as you need and only pay for allocated resources when servers are running
  • Free network & data transfer
  • Data is protected and recovered when necessary
  • Guaranteed SLAs

hSo vDC is now available to new and existing customers via our vDC portal. Contact your account manager for more information. 

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