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GDPR - The good, the bad and the fines

As the final few months of 2017 tick by and the days get shorter, colder and increasingly full of Christmas adverts – they’ll start soon, mark our words – the data-handling world is also getting ever closer to the advent of everybody’s new favourite four-letter acronym (according to a recent survey of Abbreviation Mont

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Good preparation: how to gear up for the GDPR

In last week’s blog, in between suggesting new acronyms for the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation and keeping you readers awake, we looked at the main ways in which the EU’s new favourite four-letter word could change the data proc

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What on earth is the GDPR?

Though it may look more like the internet’s latest four-letter acronym, the GDPR is no laughing matter - and it doesn’t stand for “Great Dogs Perform Rap”, “Grandad Definitely Prefers Raisins” or anything of the sort.

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Cloud To Soar As Roaming Charges Come To An End

After years of discussion and debate, roaming charges have finally been abolished across the European Union.

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Will Your Generation Pose a Cybersecurity Risk after GDPR goes Live?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go live on 25th May 2018 but a new survey has revealed that more than half of of IT, security and enterprise professionals believe millennials’ nonchalant approach to data security could pose a risk to its successful introduction.

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